Please turn off battlecrashers for gnome weekends

Battlecrashers have “priority” over gnomes, so when one appears, you have zero chance of a gnome appearing as well. Gnomes in PVP will be extremely hard to find this weekend because of this. Gnomes are hard enough to find without taking away 1/3 of the chance of them appearing (and also in the most popular game mode).


It’s not true.


I haven’t had both at a Battlecrasher and Gnome in the same Battle.

What they say and what I see are two different things. Perhaps they made a mistake in the programming. I just played 100 PvP matches and I’ve only seen 1 gnome. I came in here to see if there was an know issue or something. I see more gnomes during non-vault events.

Yes, I’ve reset the game a few times now trying to reactivate the event.

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Oh…in battle 105 I found my 2nd gnome. 100 souls!!!

gnomes are broken

if you want to take full advantage of gnomes you need to play easy battles. explore and challenges you can win at 4 battles per minute rate. that is the only factor that will improve how many gnomes you’ll find - how many battles you can finish

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The only gnomes I car about are pet gnomes. I’m getting close to the point of starting a battle and just retreating if there isn’t a pet gnome.

in that case your best bet would probably be to play casual pvp and repick for 50 gold. you can easily win every lowest trophy that has a team score of under 6000 with your standard exploring team. rate should be around 2-3 battles per minute, it will depend on how fast you can find a low stats team to beat
also arena can be done fast-ish and have a chance at pet gnomes too

They ‘fixed’ that bug quite a while ago. Retreating won’t spawn a gnome when you start a new match.

I appreciate you trying, but casual PvP is now slower than just running a Key team in normal PvP. There just aren’t enough Firebomb teams to make it worth it.
Time really isn’t the issue. It’s battle per gnome. I seem to have a battle crasher every other battle, but can’t find a gnome but once every 100 battles or so.

I see the same ~9% chance for gnomes when battlecrushers are active as when it’s no battlecrushers at all. And I not talking about just 100 battles when any amount of random streakiness is possible - I’m talking about my statistics each gnome weekend and it’s never less than 2k battles.


I just found my 3rd gnome and it was a pet on battle 130. I guess I just needed to complain about it to get them to show up.

I can’t find any major blue orbs. They must have been removed from the drop table! :wink:

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Congratulations! You have really bad luck!

People feel like the normal gnome rate is 1 in 30. During gnome events they say 1 in 10. But there is no Probability Fairy that makes sure it happens. It’s an independent event. That means the RNG gives absolutely zero flips what happened last time, the last 10 times, the last 30 times, or the last 1000 times. Every. Single. Dice roll is a D10 and you have to roll exactly a 10 to win.

So you went 100 battles and only saw 1. Bad luck! Someone else saw 20 in 100 battles, maybe more. This is the maddening thing about pure probability without pity timers. It’s completely valid you could play 1,000 matches and see 0 gnomes. On its own, it doesn’t even suggest a bug! In fact, if nobody had bad luck, that’s a sign of a bug!

Probability sucks. It doesn’t care who you are. It doesn’t care how long your dry streak is. Think about that every time something that used to be constant gets converted to “an average” based on probability.


I suspect that this is what you may have been doing already. 100 completed battles during an event with only 1 gnome would be exceedingly bad luck. As mentioned above, if you retreat from a battle that has no gnome you can’t get a gnome in the new battle, 0% chance.

Since this has become the general “complain about gnomes” thread for this Vault weekend, I need to add a question: are the rates for gnome appearances different in Explore, PVP, events, etc.? I had two gnomes appear during nine Adventure Board battles, but have just gone thirty or so Explores without a single appearance.

Also RE: the original post:

I feel like they probably shouldn’t have both battlecrashers and gnomes on the same weekend. Since gnomes are random and still a tiny bit rare during the event, anything that makes players think their gnome is being stolen is bad. You can argue until you’re blue in the face that battlecrashers don’t block gnomes, players aren’t going to believe it.

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I just wish they would turn on Gnomes. I really cannot tell much difference then a normal day.

:man_shrugging: I’m seeing significantly more Gnomes and Vault keys.

Then you should buy a lotto ticket