Battle of the two worst Weapons

Which of the two Weapons is the worst for you? And explain why.
Or is there another Weapon that annoys you?
I am interested and curious.

Guardian crown is a lot more annoying than those two together.
Both can be easily outwitted and defeated, while GC can make you ragequit the fight just to get it done.

Dawnbringer is deadlier than those two, in the right setup.

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I do not find Dawnbringer so strong or annoying. But Guardian crown can be annoying.

It depends entirely on the team comps - the one the weapons are in and the ones you use to fight them. For instance, Guardian Crown can get annihilated by a good skull team or targeted executes, Rope Dart teams tend to get shut down by freeze, and L&D / Orbweaver teams get hit hard by stun+dispel combos.

And in most cases, if you have an Empowered start into a control loop of some variety, you can kill anything no matter what they’re running, though Orbweaver spawns and webs can limit this to some extent.

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Rope Dart can easily be countered. Life and Death cannot. Simple.

I find life&death by far the worst of the two, but mostly due to the combination of self-bless + stealthy hero…


And if we are completely reductionist about it, it’s really the self-bless that is the problem. Stun can make stealthy a non-issue, but not with bless.

The Grey King can be a decent counter, as one example, but only if Grey(do) shoots first. Once that stupid thing blesses itself, it’s going to be a frustrating slog.

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A long time ago I worried about Rope Dart teams. Something changed and it’s not quite what it used to be.

Life and Death hasn’t shifted just yet. I just avoid it. It does too much for one weapon, but we’ve done that argument to death. My life’s better when I don’t argue with nerdlords who pretend they have a 100% win rate because this game is all they have.

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I’m a nerdlord, but I am not going to lie, I only have a 99% win rate in wars.

Life Death can’t be countered lol that is quite funny. Everything has a counter. Let me repeat that so the ones that did not get that the first time. Everything has a counter. Now carry on. :sunglasses:

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Please be so kind as to share your counter team. Or do you use L & D on defense too?

I don’t use specific team. I use teams dependent on color. I don’t share my guild war teams that I use to counter it for obvious reasons but Stun is a good start as well as curse. If you are facing it in pvp just retreat. Not worth the agony :sunglasses:

Haha, good luck. All he’s ever done is say anyone who asks must be stupid/trying to steal his secrets. AKA “I don’t actually have a counter team, I just have a good excuse to hide behind flexing.”

His current hint points at the same main counters a Keylime video covered, but those teams also notably don’t cover all six GW days. If you bring up GW the answer shifts to, “I win every GW every time so obviously you’re just bad.”

Get the pattern?

I too often win against Life and Death. But against Rope Dart it is so coincidental. Moon Rabbit and then Rope Dart + Skull = A another form of Zuul (one shot).

I should have added this - :roll_eyes: - to my original post to make my meaning clearer. :smile:

Seems to be the most foolproof of all the options I have used, hard to recall last time I lost with this.
Also, might try to think along the lines of classic Yao/Tai-Pan combo - no brown and purple on the board makes Life & Death rather useless.

As others have mentioned, useful keywords are “stun; curse; dispel” and “cleanse” comes in handy…

As for the OP’s question - neither of them worries me personally too much. Pre-nerf Dragon’s Eye was more annoying, but, seeing how that situation was handled, I think twice and then twice again before suggesting a nerf.

EDIT: Forgot to mention another keyword: “aoe damage” (it doesn’t care about which slot Life & Death occupies.


i dont find either of these weapons to be “bad” or OP anymore. the devs have provided sufficient counters to L&D so thats not a big deal or annoying at all. Rope Dart sure is annoying if you are in zombie swipe swipe farm mode, but if you are actively playing then it is easier to directly counter than L&D in many cases.


Like I have said repeatedly. Many dont want to think. They want to breeze through pvp at 2 battles per minute and never run into any challenge. As soon as a team challenges them they start whining.


Life & Death is ultra-weak to a skeleton key team with cedric… cedric moves them into position to be hit by skeleton key, they die in two turns.

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Anyone or weapon with “Silence” can shit them down.