Is it just me or does Life&Death need nerfed

Here’s the thing. Most of us scrimped and saved souls to buy this “mega weapon”, Dawnbringer. When is the last time you’ve faced an opponent with it in PVP? Almost never. Yet 3 out of 4 opponents have L&D. Maybe DB needs to be buffed to be useful, but I suspect L&D needs to be nerfed.


Remove Bless. Fixed


Life and Death is most assuredly an annoying weapon to face. With certain team alignments (e.g. the dreaded A Weaver, Avelorn, Grave Seer or Lamashtu team) it can be a true blight. But I can say the same for some team alignments using Rope Dart or the horrible spamming of Norbert’s Turnip with a pesky goblin team. I don’t believe the weapon itself is the true problem (that’s not to say it is not one of the most potent weapons in the game). It is the combination of an empowered converter with Stealthy with auto summoning from the Orbweaver class topped off by the synergy for back troop decimation that it shares with Arachnean Weaver. Personally, I find empowered converters to be the true blight in the game. But that is an argument for another thread…
That being said, rather than nerfing the weapon, I would prefer to see the developers introduce an additional counter to Stealthy. Stealthy is what allows this weapon to really go over the top since you cannot target the Hero. Stealthy is also what makes a Skeleton Key team onerous to face for many players. Of course, you could throw Obsidius on every team you use for the stun effect but who wants to be forced to do that?
I also suggested a long time ago a PvP reward system by the developers to encourage players to set up unique or non-meta defenses. I am not sure how it could be implemented but I am confident they could design something novel and creative. With enough motivation, there would be a natural decline in L+D teams we all would have to face.
In the meantime, I simply avoid L+D teams or make sure I go into them with my own empowered converters and a Hero class with the Banishment talent. Banishment is wonderful - one 4 gem match and say goodbye to Bless and Empowered. Now, if it was not for that annoying Stealthy…:grin:

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It’s not just you. There’s a months-long thread with hundreds of posts about it.

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It’s just you. It may be OP but there are already ways to deal with it.

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^ The three posts above basically sum up months of discussion over several hundred posts about Life & Death.