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Life and Death nerf needed urgently

In my opinion, the nerf to Orbweaver’s chance to summon Giant Spiders was not necessary. I feel like it was done simply due to the fact that the Life and Death weapon from Silver Necropolis was making these teams more difficult and annoying.

I would propose a different solution, such as changing the Orbweaver talent trees, or just reduce the strength of the Life and Death weapon. In my opinion, the weapon needed the nerf, not the class. I still face a lot of grief fighting Life and Death with other hero classes. It’s way too powerful and it’s difficult to stop.

The nerf to Orbweaver didn’t help at all. I was fine fighting a bunch of Giant Spiders before reaching the hero troop when Life and Death didn’t exist. I feel like the best option would have been to change the Life and Death weapon.

Proposed balance changes to the Life and Death weapon:

  1. Have the weapon only target the last enemy troop, not the last two, OR
  2. Reduce the weapon’s effect to scale with half magic, OR
  3. Replace the Enchanting affix on the weapon.

The weapon is a severe pain in the butt to fight, regardless of what class is used with it. I feel like one or more of the proposed balance changes would make the weapon less powerful and easier to fight against without making it completely useless or breaking the theme of the weapon.

That is all. Have a nice day. :smile:


Bless is the problem with l&d

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That’s only one of several problems. Removing that effect would break the theme of the weapon: “Life” to the caster and “Death” to the targets. The weapon needs to buff the hero in some way.

But even still, I feel that other changes could be made to the weapon to make it much easier to fight.

It gives the hero health, thus life. Puts deathmark on targets thus death. Does not also need to make caster immune to everything.


It’s only when hero has stealthy it’s a problem. There are many ways to deal with it IF YOU CAN TARGET IT. Problem with Orbweaver is that on top of stealthy it has high chance of summons thus keeping itself protected.


That would be addressed by my first proposed solution–changing the talent trees.

I don’t even think its the stealthy. Its just much harder to reach it with the summons that keep coming in. A Life and Death not on Orbweaver doesn’t spook as many people.

I mean, the fact that Orbweaver can still occasionally summon an extra spider and/or not take full damage from skull matches probably doesn’t help in that regard.

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Just change Orbweaver last trait to guarantee summon a Giant Spider upon death.


I bite my tongue every time I see these begs for nerfing things in the game, especially L&D for the umpteenth time. I can’t take it any longer. Can you just let it go and move on??? There are so many actual issues that need to be fixed in this game. The only thing accomplished by complaining about L&D has been the nerf to Orbweaver class; a seldom used class that had been around forever that was finally made viable with L&D. Now, outside of L&D and thanks to the nerf, the class is even more useless. This weapon is ONLY an issue in guild wars. Have I lost to it…yes. Have I destroyed it…yes. It always comes down to how quickly the empowered troop, that is always in the setup, can get it (and weaver) juiced. Remove empowered troops from guild war and it will simply be another battle. In PVP, simply skip it or fight it. It is your choice.


Can a bad board screw you too- yes. Can the AI really manipulate the game in its favour top. Are there more important things amiss in the game needing attention over this I also agree with as someone else suggested.
Too be honest there are ways to counter it, there are many builds to use and also this is a game which encourages you to build or be creative with various decks and/or utilise your own hero abilities for a challenge with the variety of cards which has grown so much. Sorry if this is not a popular opinion and yes I do get frustrated when losing matches to L&D, but that makes my options of medals , troops, heroes and approach more satisfying with a nice considered win.

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Life and Death is not even close to the hardest Meta right now. I am not going to tell you what is for obvious reason but it ain’t life and death.

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Firebomb x4 is the best meta.


It’s not the fact that it’s meta, there will always be a “best” team for defense. It’s the fact the games take forever and winning is a matter of pure luck. I would go a step further and remove death mark from the game entirely.

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Not luck at all. Are you talking GW or pvp? If it’s pvp just skip it if you still doing pvp. If it’s guild wars nope not luck. You are using wrong team.

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@Sossitch If this forum had an option to “dislike” your post, I would. Removing Death Mark from the game would mess up the entire balance of the game and the traits of many of the troops. There would need to be a similar replacement. Also, winning is not always luck, especially if you have a strong team and strong stats. There may be stronger teams than Life and Death, but right now, Life and Death is now several times harder and more annoying than Dragon’s Eye used to be. The game only takes forever if you go in with a team that would infinitely loop with the enemy team. So everything you just said is invalid and false.

Wow dude, are so funny those talking about “strategy” and “no luck” in this “game”.

Today for the first time since i started do GW i lost a match on green day (never happened even as lowbye seen the looping potential of green stuff), enemy wasnt L&D but a scurwydoom.

AI didnt even used Scurvykanine (that quite strange seen most of times AI always cast empo’s nm the board,beside i had a counter too in case of bad board), made a 3 match and still filled doomblade with easter gifts from the sky then the same doomblade selflooped 3 times in a row, wiped, one of fastest loss ever (with good peace of the “the create blue gem affix screw up my casting” rant too).

I find here same strategy i need on Bingo.

Btw , you never give any actual proof of anything but your claimings, tomoz i got L&D as def, let’s see “how bad” it does lol.

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Well in B1 the good guilds do not struggle with Life and Death. Maybe people in B10 still trying to figure things out may have more problems I do not know.


you may as well say it so people stop talking about life and death