Please nerf dawnbringer

Firstly, it’s too powerful. So once everyone has one, it’s just going to be a boring slam fest, and face it, given its advantage everyone will get one eventually.

But mostly because the game has gotten boring. At the top tier all I play against is Forest Troll, Nyx, DB, and <insert something else here, like Mab, or Kraken or whatever>. The lack of creativity in troops is making the game less fun.

The weapon was a mistake. Truly.


There is nothing wrong with DB, aside from the fact that everyone uses it. And I personally know at least 1 person that, for whatever ungodly reason, has no interest in crafting DB. Easiest way to beat it is to use it.


Dawnbringer is not exactly the issue, the crazy loops of Forest Troll+Nyx are the engine behind this team. Exchange Dawnbringer for any other blue weapon and you’ll still have trouble.


Agreed. The biggest problem imo is Nyx.


I have no problem beating Dawnbringer in PvP.
Bring on the Dawn.
But yes, the repetitiveness of the Nyx teams right now has made PvP booooooring


Dawnbringer is totally fine.


This is another example of what was “wrong” with Kraken before it was nerfed.

In PvP, Dawnbringer isn’t too powerful. You’ve got lots of tools for screwing it over, from Buttknight to The Silent One to Psion to “hit it really hard with stuff”.

Forest Troll + Nyx + Dawnbringer + Mab together is a problem. I still don’t think it’s “too powerful”. I’ve been beating it for 300 levels with my “Gorgotha and the Dergs” team. Glitterfang LOVES the troll and Nyx. I’ve probably got 4 teams that can consistently beat it. At least. I haven’t tried them all.


I face this team over and over and over again. Sometimes it’s both the 1 trophy and 2 trophy fight. It gets really tiring.

So it’s the same old problem: that’s a very good PvP defense team, so people use it because “winning” is the only thing that matters to them for PvP defense. The only thing that might make them change it is to show off some other team they can assemble that’s more effective, then they’ll all switch to that.

Nerf any one of these troops, and it’ll just get tweaked to some other variant. Nerf 2 or more of these troops, and you’ve taken some of the best troops in the game out of rotation. Nerf’s not the solution. Getting people to quit netdecking the same team over and over is.

To that end, I’m finding the Divine Ishbaala teams are a LOT more trouble than this one. Those games go sour very frequently and I don’t pick those matchups so often anymore. If I faced them more, I’m sure I’d figure out the counter, but they’re super rare. Which is dumb because I win about 5 of the Troll/Nyx/Dawnbringer/Mab fights for every shot at Ishbaala.


They will never fix this issue, in fact they have said they like the meta, and I do believe this little guy is why.



The meta currently is actually fairly varied compared to some historic phases of the game. Ymmv.

Trolls already got nerfed and seem to be in a good place. DB is strong - finally an end game hero weapon - but isn’t the issue at all in such teams.

Nyx just makes too many gems, and should be tweaked so it can misfire more when it drains an average troop. I’m fine with it flooding the board if it gets to drain a 20+ cost Mythic, but not when it drains a 10 cost Alchemist.

Mab is the one troop that appears most, and annoys me the most. I don’t want her nerfed, but I want more counters to freeze so we can’t all just assume she shuts down most fun or experimental builds like she does now.

One day something will actually incentivise players to vary their defences. Until then, people will too easily stick out the current meta + Mab either to annoy people or in the mistaken belief that winning defences actually helps you (it doesn’t - revenge battles mean more glory).


and, oh look, another FT, Nyx, DB, Mab team!

I’d wager that everyone arguing the DB is fine has one. Because if you don’t, you’re at a significant disadvantage.

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I don’t have one
I don’t think there is a problem with it and I have not wanted it badly enough to Explore with a soul farming team until I burn out


There is a simple way to test this out, set a defensive team with Forest Troll, Nyx, your Hero with any relevant Blue Weapon you have, Mab/Kraken/Whatever and then test your own defense.

If you pay attention you can see Troll+Nyx combo taking over the battle. With any sensible measure of good sense anyone can figure out that in the future, when we get the other “Nyx/Florian troops” for the other colors, the meta will be resumed into such troops paired with one Troll looping and overfeeding the rest of the team.

Dawnbringer’s presence would be of little consequence once we get a troop that drains mana and generates Red or Yellow for Infernus/Worldbreaker…


I have dawnbringer, but only have a couple of teams with it on it. My main PVP teams, and 4 or 5 of my guildwars teams do not use it. It is an effective tool for sure. But it is not over the top. All the mana Nyx makes when she drains my dawnbringer IS over the top though :slight_smile:


I’m afraid you’d lose that wager.
Probably shouldn’t gamble :sweat_smile:


Before the boring Nyx/DB meta there was the boring Wisp/Wisp meta and F. Troll/Kraken meta and on and on…

Dawnbringer isn’t the problem. Eventually, it will be replaced with another boring meta. There is always a stale meta because the game does not reward players for defense creativity. So, we will always have periods of
repetitive meta teams until the devs incentivize using unique defenses.


QFT means “quoted for truth”.

At the current rate, every troop’s ability is going to be “deal 1 damage” by the time we get a varied meta.

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I have come to terms with the fact that the meta problems are never related to a specific card.
The problem is that there is a huge part of the player base that are unimaginative sheeps that can’t come up with a good team idea by themselves.

Nyx has been there way longer then the current meta.
It’s all fades.
A lot of the old meta teams are actually still as good, but not « fashion » these days.

Nyx-Troll is so easy to counter too.

The devs can’t rely on player for fixing the meta, they need to come up with a solution geared towards the attacker, not the defense, like filters that reduces chances of facing same troops 2 games in a row.


That certainly would help.

I had your mindset and then grinded out a DB for myself in 4 days. It really isn’t amazing. Like others have said, Nyx is the problem in the meta team, not DB.