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Yeah, that's right, another thread about Life and Death

:roll_eyes: Yes, I know what you’re thinking, here we go again…I get it, this coming from a player who benefits from Life and Death on offense. That’s the problem…those of us that aren’t speaking up on the subject is simply because we are choosing to stay mum on the subject in order to keep benefiting from Life and Death on offense. I have been playing a lot more PVP in the last several weeks and I see Life and Death probably 75-150 a week (and all those clever trolling defense teams who try and hide Life and Death??? Piss the hell off), I have no issue countering those teams but every once in a while, you stand in awe of L&D just going off and taking over. Again, I’ve seen the threads and those of you defending L&D are simply not being honest with yourselves.
It’s an OP weapon, end of story. Bless makes it broken imo. So is Rope Dart for that matter. Think about it…when you can confidently set up the hero in the first slot on offense with L&D or Rope Dart, without any tank buffs (unless you use a class), then there is something fundamentally wrong with that weapon.
Alas, I doubt anything will ever get modified. This is just another rant fueled by PVP and alcohol lol.
Speaking of OP, Queen Beetrix is just that. I understand that the troop was created for higher level delves but it will become a huge part of PVP and GW in the weeks to come. The cleanse everyone on 4-5 is SUPER powerful. Beetrix just basically told Voice of Orpheus, a myhtic, to stay the hell down south in Leonis, we don’t need you anymore. I was actually starting to use Voice of Orpheus recently a lot more in PVP as I believe cleanse has become the key to winning consistently but Beetrix has taken that role over and then some…