Lol, so they "fixed" Webspinner and broke Celestasia


Instead of restoring life, now it GAINS life. I was just in a match, watching as a buffed up Celestasia calmly sat there, cascading non-stop and gaining 10 life each time. After it reached around 90 I just closed the window. Good job devs!


Read the “Balance Changes” part.

I had a great joke to address your QQinq, but I’ll refrain. :wink:


Why are you telling me to read something I already know/already read? Celestasia is broken, pure and simple. The other changes seem fine so far


Need Berserker. His attack can break through that.


He knows about the changes I think you should read more carefully…


@ZIGS I was trying to inform you, just in case you weren’t simply whining. My bad. Please continue. The enemy team had a troop with a spell! The spell did something! boo hoo hoo :expressionless:


Woah I never tho I could find such an annoying kind of person on the Internet. If he wants to cry just let him. I know hes not right, and theres always gonna be someone thinking the game is unbalanced but you can’t just pass on it, ignore the post? D’:


@Serale How about you? A noob is whining about a troop being “broken” after it went from just decent to actually good, and a fellow player is mildly annoyed at the exaggerated QQinq. Couldn’t you and your high horse practice what you preach and “move on, ignore the post?” :kissing_heart: tyty


I did ignore the post, am pretty sure I reply at you


Ok so just to be clear: you guys don’t consider a troop gaining dozens, possibly hundreds of health points in a single turn unbalanced. Got it.


Well apparently I’m supposed to intervene, but no, I don’t. I was annoying at her constant looping, but a troop that gives/gains health? With troops like Gloom Leaf or Venoxia that can easily get over 40 attack? I don’t really see the problem, no. But I have seen people complain about Emperina before, so I’m not surprised any more.


Speaking to the post, and not the ridiculous fighting on it, my wife came across a 4x Celestasia team last night and lost to it with on of them having over 192 life. It took FOREVER, so I feel like this is the kind of match that will play like gem converter matches. High win rate (but then what doesnt have one?) but suuuuuuper slow. I doubt we will see many of these in the wild so it doesnt come nearly as close to as annoying as the near constant webspinner teams we were seeing.

As an aside, it sure would be interesting to see a shadow hunter deck vs. this deck. CRUNCH.


Well rockwyrm can do the same thing; infinite looping doing damage. It’s possible, just not likely. Sure celestial is 10 gems as opposed to 7, and 10 health as opposed to 6 damage, but I don’t think that ‘could’ happen and ‘likely’ to happen. Plus it’s passive with a bad AI. You still have all your troops.


Don’t even compare the Rock Worm with Celestasia. Like you pointed out those 3 extra gems make ALL the difference. As far as it being passive/AI-controlled, what does it matter? Once it’s full, it’ll just keep spamming it until the chain reaction is broken off by some miracle.
And like Machiknight said, on top of that, it’s just a bore to play against (same as the old Webspinner). I don’t think the devs want us to be bored/put off while playing


Well hope I get a chance to play it. My current lineup, it doesn’t sound that threatening. I rely on combos, so having a team mate killed is much worse than an enemy gaining a lot of life. The longer the game lasts, the better my teams do since on average I make more optimal decisions than the AI.

Absolutely admit it requires a counter in your lineup though; something that scales and improves with time like Sunweaver, Treant, Shadow hunter, Brian the Lucky, etc, If you have no counter and are counting on chip damage/aoe then yeah, you’re screwed if this happens.


This seems pretty simple but why not just play against the Celestasia?

You know, steal all the blues and yellows from her so she can’t go shooting it off, or at the very least reduce the chance of looping?

I mean, if you’ve ever fought a 2+ Webspinner team, you know your main priority is stopping them from collecting greens/blues at all costs. Use targeting spells to aim for her obnoxious dragon face, or at least take out all her other team members so she can’t buff them as well.

If you got so unlucky versus 10 gem generation, that means you weren’t prioritizing the yellows/blues on the board. Maybe add some board control troops to your team to better use/remove them before the opponent.

More than likely, your present team probably lacks in some form, so the best I can recommend is leveling up the +1 Attack kingdoms (Forest of Thorns, Grosh-Nak, Pridelands, Wild Plains, Zhul’Kari), prepare some targeting damage spells, and work on that board control.


Maybe it would help if Celestasia can only target her fellow troops. This way the loop is broken. The problem is that the AI almost always uses Celestasia to fill up herself.


I don’t think Celestasia is broken at this point. It’s strong, but you’re unlucky if it manages to loop for long. It’s also not a common enemy so far.

Suggest we (and devs) keep under review, but no, can’t agree with the OP.

@zigs it’s a bit much to be slating the devs after one bad match…


I agree that it’s too early to tell. They problem I had with webspinnner was that it seemed like every other person was running a team with it, I still rarely come across celest.


That, and when you do, Celestasia usually isn’t your main concern. I run Celestasia in my Dragon line-up, but if someone can manage to kill the other three, I highly doubt she would be a problem to finish off. If done right, that line-up kills you, not the other way around, and quickly at that. If someone is good enough to get past Venoxia, Emperina and Bone Drag, then they really should be skilled enough to take on a creature that has no damage to speak of.

See also that other guy QQing that it took him an entire hour to beat Celestasia on her lonesome, with his full-blown Goblin team LMFAO. But hey, it’s not about his skills! It’s about BALANCE! The creature is OP! :smirk:

The funny thing is that, before the recent balance change, Celestasia used to be able to drag games on for a long, long time, and we seldom saw complaints about it. No, it’s now that she generates less gems, and that the devs implemented a code to limit 4-turn loops that people start crying wolf against her looping ability…
Go figure. :expressionless:

Also, the AI absolutely sucks at playing her. It typically wastes her spell on her rather than buffing her stronger allies.

Again, Celestasia used to be barely decent, and very situational. “Restore Life” has always been a weak ability, unless you combined it with “Gain Life”. Now, she’s fairly good. But overpowered?! Not in a million years.