Chalcedony is trash

Just as the title says. A game ruining troop that is awful. No skill required to use and will soon be the reason I quit playing. Why, because if this is where the game is headed, I want no part of it. As if one wasn’t enough, they just released another troop just like her. Good job devs, I can’t believe you actually okayed troops like this. I’m disappointed no one’s called this out before. Maybe the community as a whole is just complacent or likes being cheap and uninventive now. Sure, just use 6 teams like this in guild wars. I’m sure I won’t stick around when they decide to keep throwing them in for every kingdom. I’m sure I’m not alone in this so I say boycott these troops or get a petition going to get them out of the game. Eventually it will happen because people will get tired of fighting them. Believe me, I’ve held my tongue on how I really feel about these kinds of troops.

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Not sure what bracket you are in but if my opponent used a Chalce team I’d be very happy. I have not seen any defense team with her in GW so she is not a problem.


It feels like a goblin team.

I remember years ago when people used to complain about Goblins looping for ages.

Then they introduced Frozen.


If one of those troops is based on Wildfolk or Mystic, things will become really nasty. That would mean, you can put Beetrix into the team. And on the Mystic side, there’s a bunch of empowered transform troops too.

Did you ever hear of freeze?


And Frozen works against Chalcedony.

But I like her, cause she’s good at farming so I can get stuff.


She’s good for newer players but for veterans there are better options that are faster.

Yes, she can loop if not frozen but it can also be a real slog of you try to win with her.

She’s not unbeatable at all.


I find Chalcedony irritating when I play Explore in Hellcrag, because most of the teams will maxx out her boost. And because my “usual” Explore-12 team isn’t designed to deal with her if she isn’t tanking. But my coping mechanism there is to pull a different team out when I’m doing high-level explore in Hellcrag.

I also find Chalcedony mildly irritating in PvP, but most of the teams I deploy there can deal with her or her friends one way or another if it’s a team built to maxx out her boost. And if they can’t, Chalcedony isn’t so omnipresent in that game mode that she isn’t very easily avoided.

And I’ve yet to see her in Guild Wars since I jumped to Bracket 1. It might almost be a relief to see her there, because it would make a novel change from the same handful of Bracket 1 meta teams that everybody seems to deploy. (Even me, on defense.)


settle in, because we’re in for four more of these for the other four mana colors

it’s cemented now that the devs consider self-fueling, zero-effort death loops to be -good- design balance

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I was chatting with Chalcy. She hates Zuul’Goth.


Chalcedony is one of the Queens in my realm, she and her sister. Good job devs!

I’m saying, there are far worse troops than her, (hello Goblins, yea, I’m looking at y’all :sweat_smile:).

There will always be an annoying troop-loop-de-loopy-de-loop. :laughing:

I can’t stand them but hey, I got my game up, got better at playing. Like others have mentioned, freeze, bring winter to summer, freeze.

And if ya still can’t win, (maybe 2 out of the plus matches) with freezing her butt, don’t worry it’s just a game.

Don’t care if I’m old to the game, Chalcedony is one of my girls as I say and she gets to work (snaps his fingers) :rofl:


Nothing that Elementalist class or Freeze, Stun trait, or Essence of Evil or many other things can’t fix.


Like I said, if one of those journey troops is mystic type and can be paired with Beetrix, freezing by itself won’t help anymore. Bonus points, if it is the yellow one, that would get an instant push from Moon Rabbit.

… if I didn’t know, that noone from the team reads in here, I’d be worried, they would prepare just that now to troll us.

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Stun shuts down Queen B. Freeze slows down Chalcedony, while Zuul eats her for breakfast. She’s not invulnerable. The trick is to get her before she’s loaded.


Silence also does the job


insert complaint about “Empowered convertors/generators” here


You do know that nobody’s forcing you to use her, don’t you?

She gives lower-level player an opportunity to punch above weight, but outside that? I personally have never used her except for Journey event and a few Geomancer class event battles simply because there’s a high number of teams that do everything I need much better than any Chalcedony team can.

She’s not good enough for me to use for general play, never lost a single fight (PvP or otherwise) against a team using her, so I don’t see what’s the big fuss about.

EDIT. To be extra clear, “I personally have never used her” discounts testing teams, I am talking about regular use in gameplay only.


Not good enough? Not even a little? :thinking:

I do like how she can get you a lot of gold, and some treasure maps just by using her (from looping). I know there are other troops there for that but if you were using her is what I’m saying, she’s useful for this at least (at least to me).

Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just defending my girl. :sweat_smile:

You can use her for easy 500 factions.


Geomancer 100
The Cavenous Baner (Duergaroth).