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Empirina getting odd life on cast

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
The enemy cast empirina. I expected her to gain 11 life not 70 and 90 life. Each cast was different. She had 1 trait. But this only accured when she was the last one standing. Lost a lot of glory on this r/r battle.
What are the steps to make it happen again?
She cast again.
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
Before and after cast.

She also full-heals.


Ok but she didn’t have that much life to begin with. Add 11 to her starting life and its no where near the 70 to 90 points. Am I missing something?

perhaps in the team there was something else that also added life and/or she casted it more then once throughout the fight

Yes there was celestina but I killed her before she could cast. Amira took her out quick.
Empirina gained 50 points the first time she cast. Her starting point was 44. She jumped her first cast solo from 30 to 120 points. That’s a 90 point spread. Even if celestina cast 2xs,which she didn’t, it doesn’t add up.
Tell me if I’m wrong please. If so she may be going in my deck! Lol

What were the other 3 troops? I know you said Celestia. Was there a Courage?

Seems like in your screenshots go Shot 2, 3, 1. Since her attack is going from 57-77. So I want to see how she got to the 57 attack, as it might explain hidden health.

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@LYNDALE had a Moloch with third trait. This can explain the opponent’s attack dropping from 2-3.

Sylvania and dragon soul. My screenshots were just one time she cast. That is what I’m saying.
She went from 53/68 cast and the results 121/77. I took them immediately before and after she cast. It was screwy and the reason I posted.
This happened over and over. Moloch 3rd trait activated repeatedly getting her back down. The battle was extremely long. But I couldn’t keep up with her and lost.

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This is a screenshot from earlier in the battle. As you can see I have all my troops. She also has 0 armor. So she is gaining both at an odd rate. I took it to verify her basics at the time.

ETA oops this screenshot didn’t show the icreased armor. I deleted several screenshots so I cant prove the claim about the armor increase.

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She gains 11 base health then heals to how much hp her base hp is. So if her hp is currently 10 hp but due to spells and such raising it to 100, her spell gets cast raising her base hp to 111 and her hp gets healed to full so her hp becomes 111. THis is just an example though.

I went back in battle log and grabbed this. Her beginning stats.

So at the start she had 17 magic, means +17 hp / attack, by the end it was down to +11/11 thanks to Moloch. If you take into account how much attack she has on your screenshots (77) she had to cast at least a few times, each time healing to full +11-17 max hp.

Your moloch sadly is the factor that makes any accurate math about it impossible to do. But to me it looks pretty normal, I think you just got unlucky with Emperina chain-casting.

e/ also that’s some horrible RNG right there if you lost that game with 2 mana-drainers on your side :frowning:

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She gains armour from team composition bonus.+1 attack, +2 armour, +1 magic for having 4 dragons. Also as stated that heal to full is vp if used enough times.

Not sure what vp means sorry. Bear with me folks I’m dealing with chemo brain concerning how this is right.
Is heal to full accumulative of all cast increases or the base rate? Her next cast, no screenshots darn it, DIDN’T increase her stats as much as the shown one. Her gain totals were up and down. They varied between 70 and 90. At least the ones where I started watching.
*IF IT’S ACCUMULATIVE add wouldn’t the totals have been a steady increase to her stats not up and down in the amount increased?
If her heal to full was accumulative I would see a steady increase comparable to the her state after the previous cast. If htf goes by original base it would not very so wildly. I would see a predictable smaller increase.
If I’m wrong and it’s normal I’ll look at it again when I’m off chemotherapy and have my brain fully functioning.

The going down might again be Moloch, hitting life (and apparently decreasing max life at the same time).

Very powerful

If she has gained any hp then those gains increase her health cap and she heals up to that cap. Moloch can hit magic so this can cause emperina’s spell to vary in refill ability.

Ok thanks for the explanations! I think I got it.


And this is why it would be very helpful if max health/armor were displayed somewhere.