That's a lot of life for normal


How does Bul’Tauros get to 57 life on Normal difficulty? In fact, all of the defensive stats seem much higher than I am used to. Can someone break down numbers for me? Does this individual have all 22 kingdoms at five stars of power or something?


Buffed by Mercy.
But yes most(if not all ) mythic troops seem to have higher stats now, the ascension/level bonus appears to have been buffed quite massively.


I don’t think that Mercy had gone off yet in that battle, though I may be mistaken. That was one of my reasons for asking for a breakdown of what could be contributing toward the 57 life.

Edit: Bul’Tauros had just knocked 40+ armor off of my team when I decided to actually look at the stats facing me. This was early in the match.


That screenshot shows:

  • Mercy has the Empowered trait
  • Mercy has no mana
  • There are no purple gems on the board

Mercy buffed Bul’Tauros.


I must have missed it, then. Hard to argue with your analysis. Thanks.