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Not bad for the first turn

Mercy filled Humility, and buffed its life. Humility filled itself and Hero, while magic buffing both Hero and Terraxis. Finally, Hero did 39 damage to all, and devoured the enemy Queen Mab. As for the second turn, Humility filled Hero again for the win. The funniest part is I am using a level 1 Warlord with Black Manacles.



Mercy needs to go die in a fire, or at least lose empowered.

They essentially made Spirit Fox to counter Mercy, so depowering her would devalue a Troop like Spirit Fox and other counters.

I’d wager that Empowered Mercy is here to stay

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I still think the first turn thing is a huge deal. Just throw in a coin toss or something! 50% chance for Mercy to get instantly owned by Manticore/Spirit Fox and your carefully crafted (or copied from thousands of others?) strategy goes to hell.

Either that or the AI is dumb and matches gems instead of hitting Mercy.

That’s a Console thing, the PC AI will fire Mercy if it’s possible.

Speaking as a permanent PC player I can safely say that isn’t the case. Do you even play on PC?

I’ve played it yes.

You’re saying if Mercy has a transform available, she will skip it occasionally?

ai mercy to me:
-do the 4+ Matches
-do the skulls
-if they arent any purple there is a chance she will not cast
-then she casts if its still the ai’s turn

(might forgot something, dont rage on me if i did please)

This is was I meant by “if possible”, I’m well aware of the “script” the AI has

Not even occasionally. I’ve seen her ignore extra turns in favor of matching totally random gems, or matching those gems and defusing the combo instead of taking it.

That’s odd. I see that all the time on Console. When I play on my wife’s account, the AI is near flawless and ruthless.

But, I have only done 100 or so battles on PC, so I have to trust your experience over mine.

I can back up @Shimrra’s claim. Mercy on PC/Mobile makes…questionable choices about when to use her spell.

@Shimrra’s point was that if the AI had the first turn, with an empowered mana drain troop, they would probably not have the sense to target Mercy and would match gems instead.

Potentially, yes. I still think a 50/50 would be good to level the playing field a little bit, although this would inevitably see a surge in freaking Mercy since its easily the most impactful Empowered troop …

just on the side note: please dont request mercy to be nerfed, she is my QOL improvement on offense when used :s the time saver…

When she works. How much time does she save when you can’t use her all match and she basically makes it a 3vs4? Because that’s 2/3 of the time.

Oh wait, everyone uses her with Valkyrie and a double-Yellow Banner…

i get a feeling she hastens the game in 2 out of 3 games so it works out for me. (but thats just me, you can find tones of ppl who will say the rng is most of times against them so they would toss mercy aside)
i use her with 2xbat valk and leonis banner atm :slight_smile:
and the odds that she can stay useless make her balanced enough imo. i mean she doesnt rly need a nerf? ppl can dislike her but she isnt overpowered
tbh i would like a few more of empowered or fast mana creators OR some option to haste/toggle off the animations, my time is precious please…

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They created Spirit Fox to counter her, she won’t be nerfed any time soon.

I find her more useful with smaller Mana pools, like Valkyrie’s 10. You don’t need a great board, a couple 3-matches and you’re set.

just one 5+ match and valk is all ready =)

also another fun deck is:
maw ik valk mercy +2yellow (loops well enough and you get the souls)