I think Humility/Humility/Lady Anariel/Plague is the new Meta

Out of 123 battles today, that team beat me three times. Lady Anariel filling herself and casting 5 times in a row is game over.

Maw-Mercy team, devour Anariel, move on. *shrug*

Same as for Humility / Humility / Draakulis / Mercy …


Oh, man. Now I know what I will use if I ever need to change out a Guild Wars defense team.

Khopeshi can yank her to the front for 7 Mana if you don’t have super duper Troops yet :slight_smile:

For only 7 Mana it can be a pretty satisfying counter for when there’s an annoying Troop hidden in the back ranks :sunglasses:

@efh313 was talking with me earlier about doing similar with Dust & Sand


good idea!

TY :smiley:

In the Troop UI you can use search terms Knock, Pull and Switch to find weapons and troops likes this. Serve & Protect is an oddball Hero Weapon that lets you move your own Hero to the front of your lineup during the fight.

This works too!


Nice work Lyya. Your site is looking top-drawer these days.

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I use Anariel and she was filling and looping very well until yesterday, when suddenly she couldn’t even with more than 30 gems of the right colors on the table. She still can’t get 4-matches for me, most of the time. Right now she didn’t manage even with 17+14 gems of her colors on the board.
I understand that loops aren’t reliable but damn.

What @Shimrra said


Anariel can get better fellow troops, and she doesn’t build a good board for Mercy. It might work if she is with Humility but because it’s Humility that ends up feeding Mercy.

EDIT: and it’s confirmed. I went through a GW day with Kraken and Anariel and IF i was lucky I got one double turn per battle. This with Anariel feeding Kraken and Kraken feeding Anariel. What happens is that both feed the enemy.
The AI loops just fine, in case someone is wondering.

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This team is a massive pain. Plague is extremely op and this build just supersizes his op ness. One cast from plague and you might as well quit because he makes every one of your troops useless.

bring a summoner and take out Anariel with the summoned troop prior to Plague getting a cast off. She is the real killer here. Looping herself while filling plague all while inflating hp pool

Without plague anariel is a cake walk. Plague is the only troop that does damage. Yes high life is annoying but without plague this team would be a cakewalk.

I use my purple team:
Spirit fox

Granted, it requires 2 mythics. Works for both draakulis & plague versions.

In the 16 months (or however long it’s been) since he was released, I don’t think I’ve ever heard this said before.


Same. He was always considered to be a weak horseman alongside War (back then, Death was still pretty strong). What’s changed to reverse this perception?

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Alot of people don’t have him of the apocalypse troops he is one of the hardest to get so you don’t see him very often for anyone to say it.

As a offense troop plague is not that great but on defense he is extremely op he can render your whole team useless.

Lmao, plague?? Really??