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Video: Different Stats on Same Leveled Troop Explained

Hello everyone! Today I go over why the same leveled troop may have lower or higher stats than another player’s identical troop.



This is one of your best videos.

I’m surprised his total troop power is still higher than yours. Presumably this is because of the gem masteries from his guild?

Awesome video. Thank you!

Can you explain the reverse here then?

bdub member of Dragon of the Dusk -284d
Kingdoms owned 16
Unique troops 7
Total troops 7

PvP 1638 (51 wins, 2 losses/ 6 wins /17 losses defending) (They are in my battle log) and currently in my normal challenge slot

Troop Team total 796 (this is what I want explained how is this possible based on below)
Rank 23963
Famine Level 20, [16 attack, 34 armor, 19 life,7 magic]
Behemoth Level 19 [13 attack, 19 armor, 23 life, 5 magic]
Lady Sapphira Level 18 [12 attack, 9 armor, 22 life, 8 magic]
Orion Level 19 [attack 15, 20 armor, 20 life, 15 magic]

It’s been bugging me the number of very low level troop teams that have very high level characters.