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Looking for an answer - PvP troop stats

I have been trying to figure out why some troops show low troup number but when you look over the individual troops they have outrageous stats.

I will get a picture next time but here’s one that doesn’t make sense

Said the team was 716 when we to PvP.

I have the ability to see each troop without paying the 50 gold


That totally adds up by the charts to more than 716.

I went looking through the help and was just mystified. Is this a bug?

The stats are based on level and rarity and strength as far as I know.

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Thank you for your response.

That’s what i thought but this one didn’t add up. Nor did several others last week. I am going to capture screen shots so someone can help me figure this out. I don’t mind loosing but I do mind being misled to the power of a team in PvP. Btw this is before I actually start the fight. I know to look at all the bonuses - flag, traits, and other bonuses as well. This was - before that - .

I was a die hard magic player for 10 years… and this is a nice game that reminds me a lot of it… without the huge overhead of building a 52 or more card deck.


Same, same, SAME!


Agreed. Found my way here from MTG as well.

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