Celestia's Barrier - The new trueshot/agile?

From this…to this…
So many times I nearly had her on the ropes but as soon as I got barrier off her she put it up again…and if I got her burning she put the fire out with barrier each time.
So near and yet so far…
If you cant see it clearly, Celestia ends on
252 Life and 105 Attack

She can’t reapply the barrier if she never gets a turn…

Some nice people have put out 3x or 4x Celestasia defence teams… a control team takes them down easy enough…

I do feel that trait is just a bit too powerful though… maybe it should only trigger on 5 matches, not 4s…

Oops, didn’t see this topic, just made one like this.

I am just playing the 4x celestias. The first one put up a barrier after a match…then the other 3 all put up barriers too. Surely this cant be right ?
edit…mid game…
Actually…they are all shiny but I dont think they are ‘live’ barriers…odd graphic tho

Going from 4 to 5 gems matches will be much better, especially with a troop that can produce it’s own mana color like Celestia. Until something gets changed with this the smart thing to do would to not even fight such teams. To me this new barrier trait is much more annoying than the TS/Skully teams ever were.

Its definitely an issue. Took me way too long to take out both the 4x and the team you just vsed. Curious how Star Gazer only ever hits Celestasia, incidentally.

I gotta agree. Just had a fight with 4 Celestasias. I fought them just out of curiosity - never again.
Every 4/5 matches trigger barrier on all of them, so whenever I cast AOE I do no damage at all to them,due to barrier and untill I load mana to cast something, they all have the barrier up again. They were healing 17 and needed 2 moves to fully load. What can I say…super cool update guys! :slight_smile:

Life I can understand, but where is the +ATT from? Celestia doesn’t boost ATT…

Likely from other teammates before they died.
Till we have something better you’re not supposed to leave it for last, with others around there is chance it targets others.

With self-feed every few turns it gains 36-48 life and barrier a generic team may not have enough dps to match that.

If you look closely at the lineup, you’ll notice that Celestia started in the first spot. Esslee just knocked it down to the back with the Dust Devil. :wink:

The starting lineup is Celestasia, Valkyrie, Mercy, Star Gazer. And Star Gazer seems to be focusing on Celestasia rather intently - never buffed anyone else when I vsed this.

I meant you’re supposed to kill it before teammates. no matter what position – obviously most teams will have it in 1st place, maybe second if there is a guy with a big stick.

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You are correct - I sent her buffed ass down to the bottom using the dust buster…
You are correct - gazy buffed celestia several times before I dumped her at the bottom.

I’ve just fought the 4xCelestasia team, and a 3xCelestasia+DustDevil team… Won both battles without getting hit much and no Celestasia getting to cast its spell in either match… Go control deck and keep the turn, bit grindy but way faster than letting them shield up… PM me if you wanna know the formation :slight_smile:

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I find the 4x formation a lot easier to beat than if they have a buffer in the deck !

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What about poison/burn decks? Throw spinner and hero with scythe, bul tuoros for shield popping, banshee for board control blue mana starve and red mana gain?

Or just build decks around hitting multiple enemies…

BulT, dancer, atlanta, behemoth…

Honestly tho, I don’t see Barrier as a nerf-worthy topic. There is a fundamental difference between True Shot and Barrier.

True shot really needed to be nerfed becuz it was simply one-shotting everything like a wrecking ball. There wasn’t much of a gaming experience there.

But I hardly see “This battle is taking me too long” as a valid reason for a nerf, as there are many ways to overcome that situation. In comparison, there really weren’t that many options against True Shot. You were either one of the True Shotters, or you were the sorry brokes getting trounced into the ground.

Another elemental consideration is that the amount of resource needed to get Celestia triple traited is a GREAT deal more than some common rarity cards. So I hardly foresee the PVP pool getting flooded by barrier-happy Celestia anywhere near the degree Centaur Scout did.

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This isnt a nerf post… just a light hearted observation that the next big irritant could possibly be a traited celestia…:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Hey, the N-word is officially banned on the forums! :wink:

People are exploiting plain and simple, just like pre- 1.0.9 when setting up Ts/ Skull teams before.

They can do it all they want :laughing: Doesn’t mean that we have to give into their spitefulness.
The proof is there for all to see, why else would someone use a troop like that unless it’s skill/traits are massively unbalanced.