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Life and Death....🤦

Please remove blessed from this weapon that already steals life and enchants it’s self. So when paired with the right class it becomes almost unstoppable. Essence of Evil is cake compared to this weapon.

This may be a huge ask. But if someone could actually have knowledge of Classes when paired with Weapons before designing these unbalanced weapons. That would be swell.
It’s almost impressive how you can make such a fun thing like GW and PvP… And make it truly unbearable at times.


Son of a gun. No wonder I had so much trouble with that weapon that one time. (Fortunately, I’ve only had the weapon fire off once in the hands of the AI, but that was enough to cause a chain of events that resulted in a loss.)

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of all things, why the blessed part of it?

I don’t see this thing getting nerfed any time soon. Some people don’t even acknowledge that its a strong weapon lol

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Because that’s the part that makes it OP.
Can’t cause any negative effects. It only takes 1 match to fill. There’s nothing reliable enough to curse it. And even then, the curse won’t last for long.
The blessed part is what breaks the game.


It’s been out for a couple weeks.
Be ready for the next meta. And just wait until the next Silver Necropolis Fac. Ass… It’ll be even worse after it. (Thanks @jzg for the correction)

I’m bored so

It’s a Silver Necropolis weapon btw

And also, people forget that Dispel on 4/5 matches is really good


Does that take away blessed?
Btw… That’s not even the best build for it. Try with Grave Seer instead of Leprechaun who can instant enchant the hero.

Leprechaun is way more fun for attacking. I haven’t put it on defense, that would be RUDE :smiley:

Yes, of course, dispel gets rid of it


We faced it today. So I put it as my defense for testing.
This was only a couple of hours with it…
(Took SS on chrome book and am not getting out of bed to grab it. Will try to upload later.)
But my wins were like 46 to 16 = ridiculous.

At least I have a fighting chance now then. Thanks.
But I still think it’s going to be an issue for the more casual players.


Or curse… Both of those effects would work.

I think this is the new solution to Rope Dart. It’s a lot more annoying to fight so people will gravitate towards it and stop making Rope Dart threads.

People in this thread probably also forget the context. “It’s manageable in PvP” is small consolation to losing to it twice in a row in GW, which I bet happened to a fair number of OP’s guildmates yesterday since he’s complaining about it.

I know my comments in particular on the teams I faced involved very not-creative language about what objects I would like to insert inside the defenders and where I’d like to insert them.

GW shouldn’t be about my ability to keep winning 10% dice rolls.

i guess you suggest this team.

so if look for dmg aspect, necromanser will have the most dmg with this weapon… 31 from weapon + 33 from waever. 64 true dmg is not enough for killing most of the troops. and if you don’t explode gems with weaver your comp legit fucked(no mana gain), unless you get lucky.

And also how this team is better then this 2 for example?

There are always a way to deal with meta team. Loopers for GW for the example above. If not for some of these weapons, I’ll probably be bored playing against the same mindless deck. At least I now I am playing much more varied teams to counter it.


Yeah it’s taking me a lot longer to do matches in PvP currently. Which makes sense now that I get 30 points a match. Compared to super fast matches where I made 40-50 points a match. 🤦


Well actually I was lying when I said I lost to it earlier. You’re right, there’s always a way, that’s why there’s a bracket 2 guild that’s actually me and 29 alts. Also my dad works at Nintendo and I get to play all the games before anyone else.

What’s a good class for the life and death weapon?


necromansec or orbweaver probably will have most sinergy for this weapon, but every class wich can start at 50% mana will be good.

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When did this weapon come out? I somehow missed it.