Gobmother's Wand

I can’t say enough bad things about this weapon. Let’s start with some examples of God Tier weapons, and I’m only going to discuss Legendary weapons – no Doom, Class, or other Mythic weapons.

Rope Dart - Strips armor, deals some damage, then pulls them to the front, then proceeds to entangle them, just kicking them while their down, then destroys 3 red gems, which helps shake up the board, then gives you an extra turn! Absolutely crazy. It doesn’t have any AoE damage (no splash damage or all enemies), and it doesn’t provide any benefits to your team (no positive effects, cleanse, etc.), but it’s a very aggressive weapon. It’s purely meant to be played on the offense. You play it to snipe enemy targets one by one.

Life and Death - Steals life not from just one enemy, but TWO enemies, and not just any enemies, the last two enemies, the ones players are trying to usually keep safe in the back. They lose it, you gain it. That means if you and the enemy troops have 80 health each, and you’re stealing 40 health, they’ll each drop to 40 health, and you’ll increase to 160 health. Then, as if that wasn’t enough punishment, it death marks them! “Yeah, you’re losing health, but you could also die at any moment.” Then it BLESSES you! Jesus christ… then, as if nothing could get better, you drain 3 mana from the first enemy troop, which is extra punishing sometimes, because it ensures they basically never get to cast, and you enchant yourself – a free 2 mana every turn! Wow.

Jar of Eyes - Let’s just explode a whole ton of brown gems. Half your magic, plus 1, so you’re always going to explode a good amount. Even a new player is going to explode like 5 brown gems, minimum. Then, let’s summon a random troop from the All-Seeing Eye delve. And are these just any troops? Nope. These troops are fantastic. One of them summons even more troops. One of them steals Attack. One of them self-loops and kills weak enemies. The last one transforms gems into skulls. But wait, did you think that was it for the weapon? Nope, look at those upgrades baby – the weapon uses green and blue mana, and creates an Icestorm! That’s looping for you! Then it STEALS 2 mana from the first enemy! Fantastic.

Flammifer - This bow is incredible, and here’s why: it uses yellow/brown, but creates 10 red gems. That’s a good amount of gems, because it doesn’t fluctuate. A lot of weapons create a small amount of gems and then more on conditions (like Emerald Tear), or they just make a small number of gems overall (like Sheggra’s Heart). But Flammifer gives you enough that you’ll get a 4 or 5 match in a Firestorm routinely. That last part is important – you’ll be wanting to use this weapon when you have a Firestorm going, and because it uses yellow/brown, it won’t be color blocking the troop that you’re trying to fill (like Phoenicia or Zuul’Goth). Next, it’s going to do Magic+2 damage to an enemy troop, boosted by red gems – and that’s AFTER it’s created the red gems. The boost is only 2:1, but since it’s creating 10 red gems before the damage, that’s at least 5 extra damage, so you can hit for a good amount. More so, it burns the first enemy (perfect for Fireblade), then dies 5 damage to them (which means 8 damage to the first enemy, if you want to target an enemy behind them with the ability). But even better, it gives 1 mana to all allies, then 2 mana to all red allies. That’s 3 bonus mana to the troop you’re trying to fill, on top of the 10 red gems you just made for them. Absolutely godly.


Now that we’ve looked at 3 amazing weapons, let’s look at this new campaign weapon: Gobmother’s Wand.


Explode 3 gems… we’re already off to a bad start, then create a wish gem. Wait, really? Even awful weapons like Eggsplosion (which doesn’t even give you life, it just heals damaged life), explodes 4 gems minimum, and you get to choose the color! This is just 3 random gems.

Then after it explodes 3 gems, it creates a wish gem… FOR YOUR ENEMY! Your turn is over! What kind of upgrades do you get? You get to faerie fire the first enemy and get a random effect. My god, it’s so bad. You have to hope that the enemy can’t destroy/explode the wish gem you just made, then you have to hope your measly 3 explosions can hit it. But since you can’t even control the control, you can’t aim it! Talk about bad.

Here’s what would have made this an AMAZING weapon:

Create a Wish Gem, then explode (Magic/2)+1 Gems.

Upgrades: Enchanting (Enchant myself), Mass Curing (Cleanse all allies), Mass Flaming (Burn all enemies), Hexed (10% chance to turn first enemy into a Giant Toad).


Yeah it is a bad weapon but they cant all be the same good weapons. The fact it explodes only 3 gems and then makes a wish gem is what really gets me. There is very little chance using it will give you an extra turn and the explosion it does can never explode the wish gem it makes because it makes the wish gem afterwards. So you basically hand the opponent the wish gem and hope for the small chance that it will fill all your troops when they explode it. I was hoping they might tweak how many gems it explodes or at least allow it to create it first but like I said they can’t all be good weapons like the Celestial Flask they released in a previous campaign. Sometimes they have to be meh or awful as well and like you said there is no shortage of already good weapons to use.


Silver lining for terrible, throwaway weapons? It doesn’t matter if the upgrades are bad!! :+1:

Since we are forced to max weapons for kingdom stars, sometimes I think it’s a relief to have obvious trash ones i don’t have to think or care about will X upgrade ruin this weapon. Sadly I did not buy this garbage pile so I’ll have to find something else to upgrade :joy:

It’s too bad people paid money for this thing though . Pretty bad carrot to dangle on the stick


At least the mythic troop this time seems to be decent.

To that point, i guess the idea is you are supposed to use the weapon in tandem with the troop who creates wish gems, on a board already full of wish gems its more likely the tiny explosion can find one, maybe it is designed synergy for that very narrow case. The gems can build up quite a lot if no one blows them up, exploding 3 would certainly catch one on this board …


Exploding one gem couldn’t miss with that board lol :joy:


If doomskulls didn’t exist, it would be possible to get a board full of wish gems. Although I think if the game reaches a point where a match can’t be made it’s supposed to reset the board.

According to their patch notes on it before, it resets the board and drains all your mana. So it cannot be used as a mechanic to reset the board purposely I would assume.

I agree on everything but the hexed upgrade. Besides of inflicting lycanthropy that’s my least favorite. I mean, now I’d of course know not to upgrade it but I wouldn’t consider hexed to be part of an amazing weapon. That stupid toad. :sweat_smile:

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when you use this weapon it feels like a tiny fart instead of a real weapon


Like this… :dash:

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they should add Quick trait on the weapon and it’s now a worthy weapon. not OP, not strong, but worthy for the game