Battle of the two worst Weapons

Thank you. I appreciate your willingness to share.

Obsidius teams are deadly vs L&D. Skeleton keys are deadly vs L&D. Even Gobtruffle crews are suprisingly efficient vs L&D (most of time you simply loop L&D in the ground with impunity, while Maraji Queen curses it early on).

A blue day counter could well be something like Forest Troll, Gobtruffle, Jar of Eyes, Maraji queen. Simple, deadly, affordable by anyone and as efficient as other expensive mythic based counters (like obsidius teams).

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Both are very very good weapons…there a lot more worse weapons like the commons and stuff

Both of them suffer from providing too many things to deal with. Both of them need to be nerfed and brought back to the power levels of the rest of the game.