Ban bug (Compensation) is an insult

I have not had my ban lifted yet… BUT it’s a slap in the face that they’re like “here 100 gems, no harm no foul” NO this won’t do… Many many players lost way more resources and event participation… Way more… I would say we can’t let this stand… But the devs have ALL the say about this unfair compensation.


Hace they actually said it’ll be 100 gems? Because yeah, that would be absurd. I lost at least double that many gems in hourly logins alone. And that doesn’t begin to take into account everything else.

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You will take what they give you and continue playing. Don’t act like it will be any other way. :rofl:

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Yes they said 100 gems only…

I never said I wouldn’t… But it’s completely unfair that the compensation is garbage.

It could have been worse - they could have taken 100 gems from you

Or sell the unban for real, at 4.99 erroneous, at 49.99 for two hours of real time, and so on…

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That’s lame. Where did they say that, btw? I haven’t been able to find much by way of their actual responses to this issue, short of ‘we know it’s a problem’ type responses.

There’s been a few unbanned that have said it… Few YouTube videos as well… And yes, lame indeed

And there was also an authority figure who said that compensation will be considered after they understand the mechanism of getting a ban.

So this hundred is just a light snack.

But that’s inaccurate, we’re talking about people who decide for themselves what’s what and for what

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We don’t know the compensation yet. Early bans got 100, yes. That was before they knew about the extent of this mess.

Let’s not get heated over things that have not been decided yet.

We can still get our pitchforks out later if needed. :wink:

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They said that after people used thousands of keys to get AW, the compensation was to then spend thousands of diamonds to craft him at half price. Which was just another layer to their scam.


just got the ban lifted - no compensation for not insulting 100 gems) I approve!)

“Will there be compensation for the players affected?
We want to investigate this issue and find what triggered it before we will discuss compensation internally.”

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oh you got compensation, cool… i got a day off the game, the troop i was using that was fun is now useless, and i lost all my event currency… i did find another game to play tho!

UPDATE… it seems not everyone got compensation… I didn’t… So we will have to wait and see what else they do.