What is this garbage? (Compensation)

We were given ONLY 100 gems for missing out on FIVE crowns…More of this greedy garbage…just like legends reborn…we should be compensated for exactly what their bug toog from us.

Edit…i should have said levels…not crowns…missing those crowns lowered the level we would have been on…the compensation should match the LEVEL we would have been without missing those crowns…we were missing a lwvel a day the whole ti.e it was glitched out.

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It was possible to get 9 kingdom crowns each day during the affected Vault weekend, so only missing 3.

100 gems was fair compensation, enough to pay for a whole level. Could just keep the gems and wait an extra day to claim rewards too.


Seriously, WishKiller???


Humans… :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling:

I hope you are not going to ask for a translation of the picture.
Or even for a compensation of it…


Some people also had bugs where they would get more than 10 daily Crowns, but I agree with @Graeme . The gems can be used for the missing level (which is fair compensation because it’s as close to giving free Crowns as they can get) or you can opt to save them for a ToD or an FA of your choice or even a fun event. My point is that 100 gems is actually a good compensation for this issue.


Stop with that nonsense. When people spent thousands of keys for AW, what did they get?

The hours people spent chasing that last crasher is worth 100 gems?

Stop defending failure and disrespect by the devs.


100 gems for 5 levels is garbage…we have gotten FAR more compensation for far less of an issue in the past…500 gems would have been fine…or zero gems and 5 levels…we should be given what we lost…no more and no less

It occurred during a Vault weekend, so plenty of people would have played more than average, not just “chasing that last crasher.”

Also, anyone in a reasonably communicative guild/looking at global chat would have known that only 9 crowns were possible over the weekend.

I’m not defending the devs, it was very sloppy that this exact thing happened just like Nexus kingdom pass/Vault weekend.


What more do you want to compensate?

The moon on a stick?


I think you might be confusing what you “lost” this weekend. You actually lost the opportunity to gain 3 crowns. 100 gems buys you 5 crowns, more than you could have gotten if there was no issue.


How about start giving out diamonds. Gems are a dime a dozen. How about 1000 diamonds for compensation?

Hard pass on that. For endgamers, diamonds are less useful than minor traitstones. Gems are still useful everywhere.


Really, 99.99 pct disagree with you… If you are end game, you have no use of 100 gems. You should have over 100K. Every 10 weeks the non FOMO people need 4K for the latest campaign mythic.

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We didn’t miss a level a day, only one crown so three in total which means we missed one level over the three days.

100 gems buy one level.

We got exactly what we missed out on (at least those who didn’t buy all the way to the end already - that’s a whole different story).

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It is about the time wasted playing the game trying to get the 10th. It is an insult for a duplicated bug from last Kingdom Pass. You would have thought it would have been fixed by now.

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Not true. You can spend 2500+ on every new faction event with each new kingdom, 1300 on every new pet that appears, or as much as you’re willing to spend on doom events for the solo purpose of leveling up doom weapons. On top of however much you spend helping your guild with weekly events, which probably isn’t very much if you have 100k saved. I’m also not no-lifing my tribute collection to get 100k…

You also get more than enough diamonds to cover 1 mythic every 11+ weeks from daily dungeons and gnomes.


So you were exclusively chasing the battlecrasher and otherwise wouldn’t have touched the game at all? If that’s the case, one can agree that you wasted time.
999/1000 people, however, were chasing gnomes because Vault Event and it’s hard to see where any time-wasted-on-battlecrasher would come from.


For almost all players, diamonds are hardest to get. There is no place to grind for them outside of vault event. You do not get enough for crafting everything the soulforge. The game gives gems to players every 1 hour. Not my fault you waste your diamonds. If you are endgame as you say, you should have all your pets maxed. No gems there. You should have had all your doom weapons maxed when it was more often than once every 11 weeks. A good guild should only need to by tier 3 in weekly event. There are very few that have all weapons and mythics. The new faction and kingdoms are so spread out, you have plenty of time to save them.

You aren’t even remotely close to endgame if you’re on here clamoring for diamonds over gems. I’ve had all weapons and mythics maxed since long before campaigns were added (~2 years ago). I have 40k unused diamonds. They’re worth less than minor traitstones, like I said, because even a modicum of traitstones are still needed weekly for new troops.

Even if you don’t purchase the premium campaign pass and choose to craft the mythic, that’s 4k every 11+ weeks. Easily covered by dungeons, gnome events, and vaults.

If you’re so hard-up for diamonds, then take your 100 gems and buy 2 daily Dungeon gem bounty offers. Voilà, your free gems have become free diamonds and shards.


You are not remotely close to end game if you are saying you need gems that are given out every hour. I never said I was end game. I am saying for 99.99 percent of people diamonds is more important. So the entitled end gamers and cry a river. You need 0 currency. Or are you mad others can get Mythics faster than you did because you started years earlier. Of course, if you pay money, you may not understand why diamonds are important to most free to play players. You short circuited the game for pay to win.

If you are so end game, please tell me how you buy 2 offers daily in the Dungeon. Its 1.

Also, go start a new account and see how valuable diamonds are over gems. It would take you 4 plus years to craft everything with the campaign now in place. You cannot really get ahead very much. I am sure that is by design with FOMO. 4K per mythic, 900 for doomed weapons, and so on.

All I’ll say to this is, if you have need of diamonds but not gems, and have all doom weapons maxed with 100k gems saved, then you’ve outed yourself as someone that scripts collection of tributes and has the game running nonstop. Something alot of people here might call cheating.

And I never said I needed gems either. They just have far more utility than diamonds.

Imagine whining over 100 free gems because it’s not the resource you want, when it was only intended for you to use them to pay for the 3 missed crowns during the vault event. I might as well ask where my free book of deeds and Imperial deeds are since everyone is entitled to their resource of choice.