At what Level did you get Sheggra?


This one looks impossible to get. On what level did you get her(if you ever got her)?

Key Troop Distribution

She is relatively rare as legendaries go, which is saying something. She was my second legendary and that was before lvl100, I know there are people way higher than me who only picked her up recently.

It is luck!


217 currently, don’t have her yet. She’s an elusive one, as her drop rate is slightly less than the average legendary, but some are lucky and pick her up quickly. Crimson Bat is similarly rare, and those two are the only troops missing from my collection.


She was my first legendary.
I got Sheggra witht the free magic key that you get in the training…

On top of that, she was bugged and would kill almost all enemies in one shot!
After she got fix, she was still too powerful and got buffed.

She is the reason why I got hooked on GoW!


Got it about a year after I started playing, several thousands keys down the line… and I don’t even use her because I hate her with all my heart. >_<
Still needed to get her though, the kingdom demanded it.


Why do you hate her? :slightly_smiling:


Lvl 239 and I’m still waiting…I’m afraid it is (un)luck of the draw😕


Because at some point there was a bug that made her basically a one-shot teamwipe machine, it was utterly ridiculous. IThe bug has been fixed for a while now but I was filled with too much scorn towards her to even care. :stuck_out_tongue:


Aha! :slightly_smiling: Do you mind giving me her? :wink:


No. I’m a troop hoarder. The secret is out. :’(


Forgive and forget, your archenassiship :slightly_smiling:

I got Sheggra quite early (sub level 50), but didn’t click on how to use (abuse) her as I was busy abusing Keeper Of Souls in the same way… and my bane of life was Venoxia which I got last and not until over level 300 or something…


HAHA… :innocent:


I only got Carnex last week. Still waiting on Psion… :stuck_out_tongue:
Still, no troop made me more upset than the red dragon, especially since there are so many super easy combos to do with her.


thats the newest Legendary? I just got one Legendary and that is Crimson Bat. :frowning:


Psion was the one released with Darkstone, so yes, it is. :slightly_smiling:
I used to really love Crimson Bat. :slight_smile: Now with True Shot true damage spells look weak, which is a shame, but for a while the beautiful bat was my pride and glory. I would imagine her soaring through the land, slurping blood as she went on the innocent bystanders…


lol. She has to be buffed. Every Legendary should be useful after level 200.


Every troop with true damage need a buff, and most spells need a buff in general. Now that some troops can just one-shot another with insane high attack or traits like true shot, spells mostly look weak unfortunately.


The only troop I am missing. Level 500 …


I am at level 200. Missing it as many other legendaries. Have really poor luck with those. So far only have 4 legendaries but one of them is Crimson Bat which is pretty rare too.


I was level 750 when I finally got Sheggers - my last for the full set As I recall.