At what level did you get Bone Dragon?(If you ever got him)

Terrible luck so far obtaining him, but wont give up. "One day, my cup cake, you will see…"
At what level did you obtain him?

Most people got him during his event back in like May of last year. He is as rare or rarer than Sheggra and Silent One. I still have no clue why the devs have some legends harder to obtain while others are extremely easy (like Gorgotha). Especially now that there are so many legends, each one should be the same chance to obtain.

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I got shegra and bone dragon from a 12 pack of glory keys from guild task. Somewhat around level 205 I guess.

I also have TSO but don’t have gorgotha :stuck_out_tongue:

I got him fairly recently, was probably around level 210.

I also have TSO and Sheggra but not Gorgotha. Maybe there really aren’t easy/hard to get legendaries, and it’s all just the RNG laughing at us.

The devs have mentioned on multiple occasions that legends have different drop rates, specifically mentioning that Crimson Bat and Sheggra are two among them. Unless they have changed it in recent months, there is a lower drop rate of specific legends, event legends, and event epics by a small percent.

Crimson Bat and Sheggra do indeed seem to have the lowest droprates among legendaries. I got Bone Dragon fairly quickly (below level 200), but I got Sheggra and Shadow Dragon (2 of the last 3 legendaries that I needed) around level 400.
I’m now level 550ish, and I still do not have Crimson Bat. :frowning:

Bat was my first Legendary at L65. So random it is…:anguished:

And Bat was my last.

Bone Dragon was an event troop once, which is when I got him. Same for tons of people probably. Of course then he wasn’t in chests for ages after…

I was really lucky with Crimson Bat, I got him from my first magic key in dec 2014, although it was just after his nerf.

I bought him with Glory when he first appeared as an Event Monster…
Wow, I’m old.

I have Sheggra, Silent one, Crimson Bat, and Gorgotha and I want Bone Dragon but no luck yet. I’m level 351.

I got him from the event. My 12 year old son started playing and it was his first legendary and only legendary hes level 26 now. I think he got it from a glory key.

BD was my first legendary ever, at around 95. I have three now, also jarl and ehm… Celestasia

I’ve had Sheggra, Bone Dragon, Crimson Bat, Gorgotha and Silent One forever, but just yesterday I pulled my first Keeper of Souls. I’m at level 918.

I just got Bone Dragon recently (level 556) with a Glory Key. Now the only one I’m missing is Crimson Bat.

Bone Dragon is one of two troops I’m missing (level 298).

My chest drop statistics definitely suggest that quest epics drop more frequently than non-quest epics. I don’t have enough data (yet) to determine whether certain legendaries drop less than others.

We changed it when we changed to the new chest system. Actually currently all Legendaries have the same chance in chests. I double checked the stats on this.


Glad to hear! Thanks devs. :slight_smile: