Anyone know how to get Valkyrie?


Is she just a lucky card from a chest or do you get her from one of the towns?


From the chest.


Thanks ^^ I’ll buy some more keys and hope for the best.


Yep, she’s a rare, so you still have a decent chance to get her from an iron key. Good luck! She’s a nice one to have :wink:


I must have very bad luck, 30 magic keys and notta lol


I got the Valkyrie card pretty early with an iron key. Must just be unlucky not to have gotten her.


I gave up trying, must be my luck or there’s some trick to it idk.


Bear in mind, there are 20 kingdoms out there now, with a minimum of 6 troops each, at least 2 of which are Rare (the Valkyrie’s rarity). So there are well over a hundred total troops, and over 40 Rares, and you’re not even guaranteed to get a Rare with a Magic Key (though you can, and often do). So if you use 30 magic keys, you get a total of 90 troops, and probably about 30-50 Rare troops. Your odds of getting anyone particular troop, even at the Common and Rare levels, are pretty slim. So just keep trying; sooner or later you’ll get one. It just takes time and a little luck.


That I did not know, I had no idea there were so many, makes 30 keys seem small. Just sucks when you continuously get duplicates lol. Dose your home kingdom affect the cards you get at all?


Nope. Though apparently the upcoming patch will allow you to open certain chests with a strong likelihood of getting troops from the kingdom having an event that week. It’s a much needed change, because there ARE a lot of duplicates out there, and every time they add a kingdom it gets harder to get those troops…


If you want Valkyrie specifically don’t use magic. Magic keys force one of your cards to be Ultra-Rare or better, as well as a higher chance for legendaries. Since Valkyrie is Rare that is a card slot that has no chance of rolling her as well as a reduced overall chance. Use Iron keys instead since at least one of your cards per pull is rare or better. She is in there, and you will get her eventually. Pretty soon you will be wondering why you have so many copies.

Also the different kind of keys are in the next patch for the mobile / PC platform not the console platform. Just don’t want to get peeps hopes up too much.



Glad you caught that! As for whether to use Iron Keys, I think it’s a toss-up. I get more rares with Magic Keys sometimes (two in addition to the Ultra+ troop), whereas I very rarely (no pun intended) get more than one with an Iron Key. Then again, you do sometimes get 0 Rares with a Magic Key. So it’s really just luck, IMO, although there’s probably a way to calculate which gives you better odds.


Good to know, i’ll stick to iron keys. As for new keys I only play on the ps4 so any update regarding mobile or pc will not affect me unless they plan to add that to the ps4 version down the road ^^


This upcoming patch is for the ps4/ xbo version?


Not yet, unfortunately. I was forgetting about that…


That’s a bummer, oh well maybe one day.


There are 17 kingdoms on console version. The console version is way behind.


Still, that doesn’t really change the odds that much. You’re still looking at over 100 troops and at least 35 Rares among them.