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Console Devs, Any chance you could share the drop rate of legendary troops?

With this wild wacky Ogre/Rhynax/Sheggra influx a few weeks back and the new patch coming in April that will retool how chests work, current % will completely change soon enough.

For both historical archiving and/or helpful information for this weekend’s double gold gain, @Nex or @Mr.Strange, could you provide a snippet as to the drop rate that is currently behind the scenes?

Did that server side change that made our battles 0 gold and introduced Aziris, Celestasia, and all of the recent event troops into the chests also even out the drop rates? Or is it still the former system where apparently some legendaries have a lower drop rate than others? Does Summer Imp still exist in chests?

I’m most curious about the % drop rate of Crimson Bat, as I’d love to own one before the new patch as I can’t see it being that desirable once traits kick in.

Thanks in advance

-Xbox One player

Unfortunately, drop rates is not something that’s on the table to discuss. Sorry.

I will say that the console just takes the original version’s drop data whole - we don’t mess with it. And since Infinity has decided to keep the specific drop rates confidential, it’s really not our place to expose them.

bummer, thanks for the quick reply

since he has said its the same as the console - you might do a search … im sure pc/mobil players have talked about it…

I read in a post here that it is less than 1%. It was not mentioned how much less, nor did the post state whether or not it was in relation to a per card, or per pack ratio. It was also noted to be roughly 2x the rate for magic keys.

From what I know, it’s around 1% for iron keys and around 3% Magic Keys.

From iron key pulls, my best was 3 legendaries in 4 irons and my worst was 250+ irons before a legendary showed up (that was an annoying 2 weeks)

What I’m interested in is the natural rate of some of these legendaries.

Digging around on the forums, I saw that Crimson Bat and Sheggra were the 2 rarest legendaries (before this recent change that made sheggra ultra common) pre-chest update where it was evened out. But what made them “rare” or how much were their drop rates adjusted from the norm?

From personal observations, it also seems like some legendaries are much easier to get than others, like Goblin King. I’d also love to know why RNG decided to give me 7 Gloom Leafs pre-server side change.