Are there any other base Legenaries as worthless as


Don’t give the plebeians ideas.


For what it’s worth, I really liked that concept (drop bear). We don’t have enough of the “player-weighted RNG” that I think strikes a good balance between a sure thing and a braindead coin toss.

Another take on that spell:

9 mana
Destroy a random column. Deal [Magic + X] damage to the target enemy, boosted by Green gems destroyed. If no Skulls were destroyed, instead take 10 damage. [5x]

Effective use of the spell would require you to wait for a greenish board with a relatively even spread of Skulls. Would potentially go nicely with Forest Guardian.


There is.



I’m a big fan of the “smart, situationally OP as hell” approach to design. I’d love to see more of that. It’s really rewarding to take a few turns to set things up then demolish. Way better than RNG, and I also prefer that to the traditional control/loop teams that whittle down.


Yup! Could even give the bear no backfire chance and say instead, “If a Skull was destroyed, gain an Extra Turn.” That would give it a form of Fast that is reminiscent of Aziris and Raven, as it would also partly refill from the destroyed gems. Essentially it’d be a Boar Rider that encouraged weighted gambling for more damage per hit and resource gain.

Though the thought of a bear falling out of a tree and landing on its face makes me giggle.


Useless legendaries:

Bone Dragon
Dark Monolith
Gog and Gud
King mikhail
Kuarg the dread
Queen Grapplepot


@Vangor Some of those legendary troops on your list never got to bask in the sun, another got so sunburnt it had to be permanently exiled to the basement (BD) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


where did the garnok go


Fixed it for you :wink:


im actually using garuda 5 times per week, every week so yeah not useless to me :wink:


my top useless legendary list is:

.5. Dark Monolith. I keep telling myself next time ill put him on defense so he would fish out the weak targets. Next time… why is it not working?
.4. Bunni’Nog. Oh is that a legendary? i forgot.
.3. Abhorath. He is so useless i dont even remmember about him. there is nothing about him id even wish to keep?
.2. Kruarg the Dread - cause i wish he was playable, so badly, devour is my favorite mechanic to play with but him? ruined it! no matter how hard you try it wouldnt work
.1. absolute king of uselessness Gar’nok because he has this special place for me since it was my first legendary. with ork remake it didnt change a thing. why oh why? xD


I must revisit garuda and see if i can use it😎


Gar’nok is very good now. The orc teams are really fun and he’s a lynchpin. Have you not tried them since the rework?


Gorgotha, hc, garuda, Abby. Its been yellow days standard for awhile between lack of time and empathy for the event.


Hrmmm… I domt have aby😪

And i feel like a n00b but what is hc?


Hellcat, I guess.


Orion used to work great with courage and BD.

Still a semi decent team


nope i didnt xP
maybe his first impression was just too strong for me :stuck_out_tongue:


i use famine and herdmaster instead of aby/hc
and i admit the team isnt perfect, but i do have fun with


To clarify on Orion and « bypass armor »

The problem now, as with all « % to bypass armor « troops, is that yes, the damage is apply as true damage, BUT, the damage reduction of armor traits still apply (so 75% for Gorgotha).

Still, I like him.
My team is