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Are there any other base Legenaries as worthless as


Even against Knights its spell does terrible damage. I guess the 5x skull damage vs knights is decent.

I was just wondering if anyone actually has a team with Bunni’Nog in it?

Bunni’nog wrecks Knight teams. used him lots in mid game however he isn’t in any of my end game teams now that I’m over level 1000. If we get a “Knights” week type of event though I’m sure he’ll come out that week and rip it up.


I used to run a Knights team on defense years ago, It gave players some trouble for (mostly speed issues) ask @Rickygervais. he even commented once once or twice. But that was a long time ago in galaxy multiple Meta’s ago…


Yeah at this time we had very limited choice of troop, you can bring it back it won’t be the same story :wink:

Replace the front Kerberos in Kerberos/Spider/FG/Kerboeros against knight heavy teams. Good luck finding Knights heavily on defense though, even on an event week. Will agree his spell damage is terrible given that Epics and even Ultra-Rares have more easily set up or generally more applicable triple spell damage conditions in addition to higher base spell damage and lower mana cost, and the self buff does almost nothing. He was always somewhat of a joke troop, and then he got power creeped even further back. When I decide to bring him out, it is generally only on a knight event week for people kind enough to put up these teams, and I still generally don’t cast his spell unless it will net a kill. As far as “meta” troops go, he does one-shot skull 20% boosted Khorvash as well as any knight that doesn’t have reduction above Armored (like Deathknight with Knight perk), so long as you skull him before getting stunned. Or entangled. Or attack reduced. Or just straight killed because you don’t have any skull reduction either.

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It was an Easter joke troop to be fair. Shame it’s legendary rarity and a waste of resources.

@saltypatra are we getting a DropBear troop for fun too?

@ozball perhaps you’d kindly do me the favour of digging up that old thread where I posted the DropBear troop idea? I’m on my phone and can’t search or link well… sorry to presume :slight_smile:

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This one!


A long while back when he arrived as a legendary available for glory I fully traited him. He was my first fully traited legendary I think.
I used
Giant spider
Shadow dragon.
Probably frozen banner.
Against Knight teams that were very common back then it was lethal.

Oh if only I could like my own posts…

To answer your first question, yes. Hydra is way worse than Bunni. Compare to Kraken, Tesla, Crimson Bat… even Rowanne. Hydra is hot garbage.


Orion? :stuck_out_tongue:

Orion has synergies, a cheap spell, and a strong third trait.

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Have you actually tried to win with Orion? One of the few troops I regret traiting. The 75% chance to ignore armor is quite weak IMO. To make it strong, it should be 100%. Orion is just not useful, like Bunni Nog and quite a few other Legends. :slight_smile:

Seriously? I think orion is decent, especially with Oracle class and staff of visions and artema.

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Or pair him with some light AoE true damage and let your enemies sweat when skulls have a 75% chance to kill them. He also benefits from attack buffers and can be Enraged by Hammer of Urskaya or Doomclaw. Granted, he isn’t the best, nor even universally useful- He’d be much better if his spell only targeted the first enemy, for example- but he’s nothing like the dumpster fire Hydra is.


Infernal king

When I see a Knight team, this is the most fun I can have in this game.


Did they change the fact that any troop with Armor prevents the 75%. Last time i tried playing with Orion, Gorgotha ate him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Never heard about that…

Then it’s a typical example of AI RNG vs Player RNG @turintuor. When I play with Orion, he never gets through troops with % damage reduction.

Right, he wouldn’t. His trait doesn’t ignore damage reduction. But if you enrage him, he does…