Weekly Event: Run! Run Away!

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Bunni’Nog is here to wish you Happy Easter… and eat your face!

New Troop: Bunni'Nog

What does every Knight fear?

That’s right - white bunny rabbits.
It is a known fact that more Knights are killed every year by rabbits, than by crocodiles.

This year, a particularly fierce specimen has been spotted in the ravines of Pan’s Vale. The local goatmen have named him Bunni’Nog (literally “The Hungry Angry Bunny” in their local tongue); he first came to their attention when he decimated a patrol of 12 knights who strayed over the border from Whitehelm.

So now it’s time to mount an expedition to capture this creature before, he wanders into Whitehelm searching for more food!

PVP Icon

PVP Rewards Reminder

With the PVP reset comes payouts in Souls for your efforts on the battlefield against other players. Remember, you’ll have until the next event to climb as high as you can and earn yourself some souls. Here’s what you can earn at each rank:
  • * Rank 1: 300 Souls, 2000 Gold, 100 Glory, 10 Glory Keys
  • * Rank 2: 150 Souls, 1500 Gold, 50 Glory, 5 Glory Keys
  • * Rank 3: 80 Souls, 1000 Gold, 40 Glory
  • * Rank 4: 60 Souls, 900 Gold, 30 Glory
  • * Rank 5: 50 Souls, 800 Gold, 20 Glory
  • * Rank 6: 40 Souls, 700 Gold, 10 Glory
  • * Rank 7: 35 Souls, 600 Gold, 5 Glory
  • * Rank 8: 30 Souls, 500 Gold
  • * Rank 9: 25 Souls, 400 Gold
  • * Rank 10: 20 Souls, 300 Gold
  • * Rank 11: 16 Souls, 200 Gold
  • * Rank 12: 12 Souls, 100 Gold
  • * Rank 13: 8 Souls, 50 Gold
  • * Rank 14: 4 Souls, 10 Gold
  • * Rank 15: 1 Gold

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Can’t wait to sic this on @dhjl’s knight team! :wink:


Now he will change it. :frowning:

Does it have a vicious streak? Of a certain size?

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We get a Brown/Purple event and the bundles will all be legendary priced FFFFFF …

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Also four Brown/Purple Legendaries…

Who are you going to full out of those 4?

None of them, I’m not getting that many of that troop for 500 Glory a piece. Unless there’s more than two Arcanes per bundle which there won’t be.

In the small images and in the game currently previewed he is mono brown. Not sure what is actually intended.

Yeah at first I also thought he was brown.

Yeah, where did you pick the idea it was brown/purple?

Images currently show Brown/Purple… as they did when I first looked. Was mono-brown in game before though… no longer.

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If you search ‘all troops’ then filter Pan’s Vale in your troop list, it will show the creature as being brown/purple, where earlier in the week it was only brown mana.

Still is mono brown for me in-game. But that will probably change to brown/purple once I restart the game.

It seems I’ll be spending quite a bit of glory this week. Probably all I earned in the last week (currently 5500), so that means 11 rabbits and 22 arcane skull traitstones. Now to figure out which unit to trait with the arcanes… :slight_smile:

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Arcane death has some of the worst legendary traits. They mostly involve summoning on death and provide a boatload of meh or a frozen proc…

My little list here wants me to have…

Brown/Purple (Skull) x 49
Ancient Horror - 3
Bone Dragon - 16
Ferit - 12
Grave Knight - 3
Herald of Chaos - 12
Watcher - 3

They’re all from kingdoms that are either very close to being maxed or grants magic or both. KoS was the first legendary troop I maxed way back in the Darkstone event, ironically his trait is now terrible but its better than Fireproof… certainly better than Kerberos’ one, ew.

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Unrelated, I just noticed the icon for Nasty Teeth is the same as Maw’s Hunger trait.

:newspaper: We’re having a bloody good time for this Weekly Feedback Report! :gem::gem::gem:

Mr. Peter Cottontail came hopping by Pan’s Vale recently, but the only presents he’s left laying around are the remains of his victims. Bunni’Nog isn’t happy about metal-clad cave invaders.

This rabbits blood lust for knights is unrivaled. He’ll crack 'em open like a cadburry egg and suck out the creamy yoke, and just as easily too. The downside of course is the lack of strength versus anything else but an armored soldier, then it’s as harmless as a little fluffy bunny.

So while the wascalwy wabbit goes “egg” (read; skull) hunting, you can collect some as well with this weeks Arcane Skull Traitstone! Force enemies to join your legion with Keeper of Souls, Kerberos or create them yourself with Dokkalfar. After all, it can take an army to kill a monstrous beast, even one of white (read; bloodstained) fur. And if you’ve been wanting to try the new Frozen status for a while, Bone Dragon’s got just the trait for you!

:newspaper2: Hope you didn’t find too many cracked noggins while egg searching this Easter. :sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Match you next time!

Patch Feedback Report, coming this week.


Dokkalfar Dokkalfar Dokkalfar

Difference is, Zhul’Kari has 9 troops so none of them specifically need maxed traits… so I don’t need Dokkalfar and neither does anyone else. Thankfully.

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