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I love the thorn Knight... Knight team discussion!

I’ve been feeling like I’m really close to a great Knight-based team… but I haven’t quite been able to crack it. I think the Thorn Knight (this week’s new UR troop) might bust it open, because he has a decent ability, and a key color combination.

So let’s talk Knights! There are several good places we could start:

1 - Winter Knight. This is an amazing troop - he can Tank like a CHAMP in the top slot. Blue/Green 10, Armored, and freezes opponents on skull damage with traits.
2 - Knight Class hero. Sword’s Edge affiliation, blue weapon bonus magic, Knight Bond, and Gains 2 armor every turn! Perks can either make the hero another Knight, or give +8 armor. New Lion & Tiger weapon is especially useful…
3 - Emperor Khorvash. Blue/Brown 14, Leader & Stoneskin makes him a solid top-line troop. Deals solid damage to the top two troops.
4 - Lion Prince. Red/Yellow 11, Armored, Knight Bond. He uses unusual knight colors, his spell is cheap, it gathers mana, and hit the top TWO troops. He’s a better Boar Rider - no extra turn, but increased mana gen & damage.
5 - Lance Knight. Blue 7, Water Link & Knight Bond & Armored. Modest board manipulation - but that Water Link makes him worth considering.
6 - Knight Coronet. Yellow/Blue 12, Leader, Stoneskin. Another strong contender for the top slot, but he also has MASSIVE damage potential, and some board thinning/manipulation.
7 - Paladin. Green/Yellow 11, Air Link, Reinforced. Huge targeted damage is always a plus!
8 - Pride Guard Red/Green 12. This guy does MASSIVE targeted damage, boosted by allied armor! He’s like a Blade Dancer that doesn’t get weaker as you kill the enemy.
9 - Rakshanin Brown/Yellow 11, Fast, Stealthy. Deals half an enemy’s life + Magic + 2 damage - this asolutely crushes high-life opponents! Fast & Stealthy are great traits, too.
10 - Wolf Knight Brow/Yellow 8. Fireproof & Armor Piercing. True damage spell, which combos with the Emperor. VERY CHEAP damage.
11 - Thorn Knight, Purple/Green 10, Knight Bond, Armored. Modest damage to top troop, board manipulation, cheap spell, and (most importantly!) uses purple mana!
12 - Griffon Knight Blue/Brown 9. Super cheap damage, random, and yellow creation.
13 - Settite, Green/Brown 13. Modest armor boost & split damage. This could be a powerful combo with Hero’s Reinforced, Paladin, or Pride Guard.
14 - Templar, Blue/Brown 10, Water Link, Armored. A classic knight troop - global armor boost is small, but he also manipulates the board. Very strong with Pride Guard.
15 - Alastair, Red/Blue 12. MASSIVE armor gain, plus barrier. Plus board manipulation in the form of removing purples.

Using 4 troops of either Leonis Empire or Sword’s Edge gives all troops +10 armor. It’s tempting to go for 4 Leonis troops, including Pride Guard. But using the hero with reinforced might be better. Lion Prince & Thorn Guard & Lion & Tiger weapon is a sweet kill-system, but the mana isn’t well spread. Going for the Emperor & Wolf Knight seems strong, but you give up board manipulation.

Winter Knight (Blue/Green)
Lion Prince (Red/Yellow)
Pride Guard (Red/Green)
Templar (Blue/Brown)

Let’s hear your ideas? I sure would love to justify my traited out Knight class…


Look like a good team but also look like bone dragon will love them also if you put heardmaster on first slot will make the winter knight freeze useless

On Console we have less options but I wouldn’t pass up the pure OP-ness of Emperor Khorvash if I were you.

Emperor Khorvash
Knight Coronet
Wolf Knight
Pride Guard
The Broken Banner

Khorvash and Coronet tank and do insane damage to two Troops while Wolf and Pride “snipe” the enemy Troops that refuse to die easily. All six colors are used, counting the Purple removal.

Only weakness is Bone Dragon, but that’s always been the case with Knights. Especially considering Bone Dragon was probably made specifically to counter Knight Coronet.


“Bone dragon is the only counter” they said, “it will be fun” they said

(Ok, I get it, the only counter you might encounter, Bunni Nog isn’t played at all… But anytime I hear about knights, I wonder how much would this guy be played if the meta were to change for Knight compositions :wink: )


Avoid Skulls, charge Paladin, bye-bye Bunni’Nog.

Better yet, Emperor Khorvash staight up makes Bunni’Nog useless on it’s own

Emperor Khorvash - Blue/Brown
Lion Prince - Red/Yellow
Thorn Knight - Purple/Green
War - Red/Blue/Brown

Stoneskin, 2x Armored, Entangle, 6 bonus armor, 2 bonus Attack, Mana drain, Stun, Burn…

Makes a nice synergy with good dmg output while having a strong defense and uses all mana colours!

I totally run a Legendary & traited Bunni’Nog team. He’s great, but I’m not at all interested in helping folks to stop underestimating him. :wink:

Original version of my Beast’Nog team:

Sabertooth Lion

Current version:

Lion Prince
Sabertooth Lion
Spirit Fox

Basically abusing how cheap & powerful Sabertooth Lion is, along with Bunni’Nog’s shredding capability.

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If Bunni’Nog was available on console, and I had the good fortune to pull him, I would totally build a team around him just to shred all the knight teams that I keep seeing in PvP. He’s obviously useless (too specialized) for a defence team, but looks like a lot of fun. That rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide!

We can only hope that whoever set up the troop release schedule on console was a big fan of Bunni’Nog, and tried to put him in sooner rather than later.


Does that come with a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge”?

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I have no idea what you mean. I don’t get Monty Python references at all.


That guy, who’s name is not mentioned, has a lot of explaining to do for making your job tougher :wink:

Only noticed Bunni’s 3rd trait after reading the above. Be great to have one traited as I am seeing a ridiculous number of knight teams now.

Im thinking:
Giant Spider
KoS/Bone Dragon

Yeah I always see 3 teams. Knights, Goblins and the current meta of maw ik mercy sheggra.

I was thinking about possible lineups as well. I think you definitely want a skull creator, and a purple generator, but was thinking the mana-duplication of Bunni and either KoS or BoneDragon might be a problem. For an anti-knight team, Skeleton might be enough to get the skulls while also needing a lot less of the purple to power-up. I don’t use a lot of two-step transformer teams, so getting enough purple might not be an issue. I don’t know. It will probably be a long time until this enters the realm of problems I actually have, though.

I’m thankfully not seeing a lot of Maw/IK/Mercy/Sheggra at my level, but I’m sure I’ll see it more and more. It depends so much on the AI casting the right spell at the right time, that I don’t really fear that lineup, but if it ever lucked-out, it would be trouble.

Yeah its not that bad to beat even if maw gets a lucky hunger skull match @Stan

Only lost once to it and maw got lucky with 3 devours with one skull match.

Replace Sheggra with Jarl on offense and the crashing will stop.

Leave Sheggra in on defense and troll up some easy wins.

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Stopped playing it a while back and have gone back to my true damage team. Love the bat

I keep working on different knight teams. One I like started as a Demon Knight team, to get both bonuses, but I found it had to evolve.

Abyssal Banner
Herald of Chaos

The Herald of Chaos with Alastair makes for a pretty solid front line troop, that has the benefit of Death Mark.

What I will say is that Tau could use a buff. His empowered is cool, but is almost never strong enough to come into play.