WAR! HUH! What is he good for? Absolutely nothing!

I’m sad.

I’ve been trying to play a WaR deck, and I just keep feeling let down.

He blocks so much mana and requires so much mana for a spell that feels very meh.

He is honestly pretty fragile. A trio of good hits from the enemy and he is toast, while your other units have not gotten enough mana to do anything.

I’ve tried the decks in @tacet video, but he still feels very lackluster for a base mythic.

What are your thoughts? What decks do you use him on? I would rather his third trait be some kind of defense rather than attack increase.

Third trait idea:
The best defense…
25% skull damage reduction 25% damage reflection

That would give him s touch more survivability.

Or just take the damage component of his spell out, leave the burn and drastically cut the cost.


I win with him all the time with my d line up


Like just for the song title.


And what is that line up? Is your war fully traited?

Say it again.

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Sorry I was at a rediculous red light and browsing the forums.

Yes, for me everything but Miridth is fully traited and I am just waiting on a tunic red for her.

I’m willing to bet he will be a lot more useful once the other Horsemen put in an appearance. They are probably designed to work together.

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I’m sure she will look lovely in her new red tunic.:wink:


You know. I like that autocorrect. I’m going to leave it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have found the following build to work the best. I didn’t show it in the video, but it is pretty similar to the third one I showed:

Bone Dragon
Cauldron (Archer, +2 magic)
Purple/Yellow Banner

War in general is definitely not outstanding. Any troop with a high base attack tends to be bad because that means they have a lower HP and armor. Mythics that are more cast oriented will be much better rather than this front-line attacker.

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My Bunni’Nog was pleasantly surprised to find out War is a Knight!

I thought I was going to struggle to kill him, then he just exploded to the 5xSkull Damage.


Picking up on the OP… I agree that War is actually pretty rubbish right now… cost is far too high for an underwhelming spell effect…

It’s really pretty sad that the very first mythic base troop isn’t even one people want to use…

I still don’t have one (grumble grumble), so at least I am not missing out on an über-troop with that gap in my collection!

I agree with @RiverSong above; I hope that a 4 Horsemen team will be a thing to be feared, even if individually the cards are not the top 4 most dangerous.

Digging your thread title, by the way.

Say it again…

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If the four mythics do work better together than individually and they all have a huge mana cost I think the only way they’ll be viable as a team is if one of them is a mana generator or exploder. Otherwise the top teams we have now will eat them before they get powered. Wait and see what the devs have planned for us. :wink:

I have used War in back to back turns when I’m lucky and valkery fills up after using.

He can stay the way he is.

War is not good for absolutely nothing if you don’t know how to use it :wink:

Interesting feedback, thanks guys… I’m finding that once he’s kitted out, he’s great though. If I get a reasonably fast fill with him, he pretty much nukes anything AND burns the entire enemy team to boot, which is a nice bonus - I used him all the way to rank 1 this event.


I’m not giving up on him just yet, I really want to try and figure out a good aziris team for him…

I was deciding between Aziris for making skull chains or Queen Mab to freeze and soak up extra blue. Been going with the Queen Mab (I call her Freza), I love to freeze more then Mr. Freeze like to freeze Batman.