Anyone else having a VERY hard time Recruiting?


I noticed over the last 3 months Recruitment for Crimson Sky (PS4) is pretty much dead…is it the economics of the game, is the game slowly dying? or do they just not like Me lol Shouldn’t laugh…it may be true.


It’s definitely getting harder. Those who are happy to sit & grind are now a precious commodity, those who aren’t are burning out really quickly & leaving the game or finding a new low level guild to ‘retire’.
The mechanics of gw & the emphasis placed on it also doesn’t allow for recruiting newbies anymore as within the top brackets we all want people who are ready to jump straight in to help with the scores - hopefully the 3 week rotation will help with that, I’d hate to be just starting out again!


Spot on and one of the reasons why I gave up running a top guild.


Ditto on above


Not saying anything specifically about your guild, but the problem is that most guilds do not advertise the truth. They say they want level 500 players, you join and there are levels 20, 70, 100. They say, 500k gold, you join and see that half the guild - which has been there for more than a year and have contributed a gazillion seals - has not contributed the minimum that is required for you that week. After all, the member has been there for such a long time, no way they are going to kick him. And I don’t need to say anything about epeenz-trophies.

I’d gladly stay in a guild where the requirements are for every single member, and the members that do not contribute what they are supposed to, are put on a one week watch. I’m past my time of helping newcomers.


Well we certainly don’t work like that. We have minimums that are easily achievable & anyone who doesn’t meet them drops to the bottom. A second week is bye bye time. You’ve obviously had some bad experiences but saying you’re not there to help others out is a bit excessive. If you’re an end gamer who can make a difference & assist someone in elevating their game for the good of the guild - why wouldn’t you?


The change to Guild War being every 3 weeks over every week won’t make Guild Wars easier or guilds seeking stronger members for it more lax. Since it will be every 3 weeks there will be an even greater requirement to do well in Guild Wars. Where as every week gave some buffer to variances of capabilities. You will now see higher guilds and potentially other guilds seeking only the strong of the strong for Guild Wars. And most likely booting the weaker links, since it’ll be more important to have a good showing every 3 weeks. The one huge change that will be good is having to do guild Wars less. Just more stress to do well or suffer until the next Guild Wars.

So I suspect recruiting will get harder as guilds not just top guilds. Will want to snatch the better Guild War players. Though you may also see a short pool of top players now homeless if they don’t make the top guild requirement for doing better. That pool however will start to fade away once those newly homeless players find new homes.

After that’s all done. Back to being difficult to finding players again.

In short : I feel the change to GW will not produce any change or significance of one. Let alone anything with recruiting.

@WishKiller I will add that your proposal for guild alliances helped me forge many workings with other guilds. Which I actively work with. I never knew you had a group for it until I went back to the thread. I additional wrote you about it. Though you left that conversation. So I simply suspect that group didn’t pan out. I will say its really thanks to your idea that has made recruitment for Vendetta a lot easier when open recruitment seems harder. If it is indeed a lost and forgotten group. Look me up on PSN. Maybe we can work together I’d like that.


I’m hoping the change will help. It will certainly help our members who are missing some troops that they could do with! A 2-week breather where they have a chance to forge or pull what they need from chests as well as traiting them will only be a bonus IMHO


We have went 4 weeks with the same 30 ppl so that’s a plus! We just try and have fun and not beat ourselves up too bad when we have bad days in guild wars.

I learned to just make friends with every one in the game so I can talk with leaders and all so if we do need a player I have plenty of resources to go to.

Being in a top guild though do help advertising when we need players.
Good luck everyone as it does seem like less top ppl play and more new comers join.

I think it’s easier on ps4 where we can add friends and message easier.

Santandrix ps4
Nemesis guild leader


People who don’t like grind, it will be worst with the 2 new game mode, you will probably need to spend more time then ever on the game


At first, absolutely to learn the new game modes. But after a time or two through both of them, I would suspect that should diminish. I won’t be surprised to find if they are similar in play time (once learned) to what it takes most players to finish their daily 5 GW battles.


Respect to those who run guilds as the process of recruiting is hard. I’ve always helped out where possible to try and get new faces in as and when they are needed. It appears that less dedicated players are coming into the game or at the least, moving up guilds. Like @Santandrix said, we have been lucky and have had the same 30 players for a month or so now but that could change anytime dependant on guildies circumstances. Less guild wars, might suit some but then again not others, you can’t please everyone. I don’t think the new game modes will make a difference but certainly should freshen up the game.


Even for us the casual guilds, it’s getting harder to find people that stick with the game more than (more or less) three months. Maybe its the nature of the game, were you either stay till the ‘end’ or get bored of the repetitive nature and drop it.
But in the end its not about the requirements of the guilds as much as the fact that eventually people will move on to a different game and add a little variety in their life.


@Nephilim @Mariana I am getting fed up Myself had 6 of my top guys jump ship…“not going to get into the story” though since you guys no longer run top guilds…you can come retire with Crimson Sky…the door is open…don’t think we’ll breach top 30 again…though I have faith with the ones who stuck around.


Thanks but I’m happy where I am, and if I wasn’t I’d probably go back to my old guild (but not to run it), or even quit the game.


Loyalty is the hardest thing to maintain (in life as well as gaming), kudos to those who have stayed even when approached by others or when times get tough - I hope you can get those spots filled quickly


And also, while I’m at it…

Celestial Peak rank 45 recruiting for PC/Mobile! We are GW-Competitive (Bracket 3) with Casual Weekly req of 500seal/100trophies/Daily GW. 40k Seals and completes all Tasks! Discord/FB preferred


Us too…sidousai, but we are not guild war focused, which was fine for a time (still top 100) but now we have dropped below 100 which sucks.


Thanks, Me too…and you’re right…people have no idea what loyalty is anymore.


To the contrary, its not about loyalty; people just get plain bored. For this reason, I did the opposite.

Unlike in times past with other games, I decided not to recruit total strangers into my guild when I started playing Gems. Its really not worth the time and effort to run or be loyal to one when players for the most part leave for greener pastures at some point. They always do. Doesn’t matter which game it is and how much content is available, at some point the majority of them leave. Only a handful remain dedicated. And if you develop a tight bond, you and your friends move on to greener pastures with no regrets.

It’s been rather pleasant going this ’ casual’ route. So much freedom and without a tinge of drama to ruin it. Sure we didn’t get to enjoy all those guild bonuses week after week and maxed out those statues by now. But we still contribute and are getting up there nonetheless. This game is really meant to be played as you like to play it.

Recruiting is really meant for those guilds who seek to be competitive 24/7. Very few players seek that. I respect those who remain as such and when they ‘retire’, they actually retire from the game altogether. That’s the classy way to go.

Just my two cents.