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From a Struggling Guild Leader

I have had this idea, and since we’re all family here I thought I’d ask this. If any of you have members looking for a change of scenery…or looking for a slower paced guild…or a temporary place to take a “break”…Send them my way…and once any of My people want to move onto another guild, I’ll recommend you.

This isn’t begging…but in essence a plea…Recruitment seems to be dead…and The guild I am so proud of seems to be slowly dying…If anyone could help out, I’d appreciate it…

Also a link to my recruiting thread


Bumping this

Thanks for letting us (me) know. I have my phases and I would say I take about 3 or 4 breaks from this game per year. I always leave my guilds on good terms and your idea would be awesome for guys like me because even if I am on a break I still play enough to carry my own weight and contribute. I will definitely post here when that happens and if anyone asks I will definitely point them over here to this thread.

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Wishkiller, my advice is to get to know some of the top guilds and members. Having a network of friends in as many guilds can draw much needed attention to your guild. My other advice is to keep ur guild moving forward. a guild can’t stay same otherwise it becomes stagnant. Well except for social guild. If you want your guild to be just a stop gap then that’s fine but if you truly want to see your guild grow, you must grow with your players. Meet their expectations otherwise your guild will just remain a revolving door.

Backs away slowly waiting to see “Wishkiller is replying” :rofl:

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On a serious note, if I have anyone I’ll be sure to let them know & message you - pretty sure I still have a chat thread open with you on PSN…

I totally miss this awesome guild & some of the players! Big endorsement towards Wishkiller & the associated guild. Best wishes…

Great, thank you much.

Agreed, though i have quite a few that don’t pull their weight at the moment. I Can’t afford to kick them at the moment. Even partial requirements help. And i just hav 25 member at the moment.And no one wants to be recruited right now

Thank you.

Wishkiller in my xp, i think you should take a chance and ask those members to do the reqs they agreed to when they joined your guild. One gm who has been nice enough to mentor me when i first started out said that if you allow members to get away with not meeting reqs and expectations, you lose respect not only in the eyes of those members but other members in your guild. You are essentially giving others permission to walk all over you.
It is like you are caught in a catch 22. If you let that go on, you will lose good players who will seek guilds that are seen as more productive. If you let the those that don’t meet your expectations go than you lose players. But here is the thing. You are left with a core group of players that you can rebuild from a position of strength. If i was a prospective recruit coming into your guild and saw a bunch of reds or inactives on your roster i would not stay long if not leave immediately. However if i saw a very productive group i would be more willing to stay and help the guild grow despite the small number.

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Bumping this again, still in need of 9 recruits

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Wishkiller are you on discord and if so is there a GoW PS4 community?

No, and I have no idea

I’m having the same problem. When I first started, my Guild Master and/or team mates will never play. After I started my own Guild I can’t get no one to join.,

@WishKiller you should join one and see if there is a gow discord server for ps2. At the very least it will give you another avenue towards recruitment. Also its another place where you can network.

@Lad29902 if you are faily new, cold recruiting can be very tough. I started my guild at an advantage. I already had 3 players committed to following me to the new guild and we all were roughly at lvl 100. I do most of my recruiting in global. I interact with a lot of people. You can find things about the person the more you talk with him. At some point, it can pay off such as when he reveals to you about being unsatisfied in his current guild. Just put yourself out there, let them get to know you and you them

sorry for the delay reply, I currently have two good members, I had five and had to boot two of them…
I’m at level 400 and doing good, now I’m being invited to join a bigger guild. I undecided because I don’t know the pros and cons yet.

What device do you play GoW on?

I play on the PS4

I tried to click on your link to find out more about your guild, and it said “that page doesn’t exist or is private”.

I am on Xbox, and recruiting can be a challenge there as well. I saw one recruiter the other day turn away 2 prospects because they were under level 200. It baffled me, because she had only 6 members in her dying guild. Level 200s can become 1000s in a few weeks with the right management team in place.

My advice to you is first off, you have to manage expectations. Decide what type of guild you want to be, and communicate that with your player base. Do you like Rainbows and Unicorns? Are you a bunch of tree hugging Elves? Do you prefer Vikings or Game of Thrones? Or perhaps, you think Orc Raiding parties are something to joke about around camp fires. I assure you, they are not. If you pattern yourself as a slower paced guild, then don’t expect players to max seals the first day of the week.

I’d recommend not letting the number of players drop below 28, 27 at the most. Just be honest with your members, to please be patient while you recruit the right fit. And kick those that don’t measure up once you reach that threshold again.

I used to fight PvP, and if I saw a none within the range of players, I’d send a recruit invite. Most don’t join, but I got better results than typing in global, or here in the forums.

And if you have to take in some newer players, chances are that as long as they are active, they’ll be a high enough level to keep once your guild is full again. And they might even be loyal enough to stay during and after the rebuild.

Good luck to you.