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Anyone else having a VERY hard time Recruiting?

I personally find the entire guild part of the game to be badly organised, often confusing and poorly setup - particularly for newer players.

In-game there appears to be virtually no option for searching or sorting through guilds, so at least in the early days, it tends to be a case of pot luck as to who you might join.

Even moving onto the forums doesn’t make things any easier, as all guilds are crammed onto the same recruitment sub-forum, there’s often little information about which guild is in which bracket, and what type of guild they are - unless you manually go through every single post to find the information, and it can feel pretty overwhelming at times I think.

If there was a refined system in place whereby guilds could put their aims and requirements in, and then players can sort and search based on what they are looking for (and if they meet the requirements), then you’d have a list of potential guilds, thus narrowing down the time it took to find the ‘right’ guild, and preventing people from jumping here, there, and everywhere because they find that the guild they joined doesn’t suit what they are looking for.

It’s somewhat fine for players who want to put a bit of extra effort in or who are distinctly looking for Guild Wars, but outside of this, I just think the whole system is badly implemented, and surely players shouldn’t have to come onto a forum to sensibly be able to search for a guild they think would be a good fit should they?


Looking for 16 recruits or a Merger with another…top 75 guild.
We are still rank 36 without new recruits.

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Bloody hell, who’s cornflakes did you piss in?
Sounds like a tough time, good luck with your attempts at rebuilding.