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Anybody else struggling with Some Light Exorcise event?

Nobody is really using daemon teams. I’ve tried doing Explores but Karakoth and Blighted Lands, both of whom are daemon-heavy, aren’t giving daemons to fight. The most I’m seeing, over and over, is 1. So despite the top reward being only 500 points, this is shaping up to be the toughest event yet, by far.

I’ve had the same issue with Blighted Lands not really giving up the Daemons. Thought it was just me.

I changed to my team to 4 deamons. 3 of which have that trait with 25% chance to summon ancient horror which is another daemon, and 4th troop is kruarg who can summon deamons on its own.
So good luck with finding me :slight_smile:
Btw I’ve got 118 event gems in 90 pvp battles so far. Haven’t done any explore.

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Keep in mind to check Zul’kari too, some of that spider-ladies are also daemons and some daemons from other kingdoms are mixed sometimes too.

I keep checking Blighted Lands, Karakoth, Zul’Kari and Dark Stone to see wich one has more daemons on each explore battle, a little troublesome but nothing to worry about, started playing seriously today and i’m at 140 Event Points.

Not having this problem at all, but many from my guild have said it’s easier to get in pvp than explore this week.

I’m almost at the 500 stone limit though just doing pvp.

Most people probably won’t get there though. I’m almost at 400 matches played, but again these events are optional. Rewards are not guaranteed.

Think about that for a minute. 118 in 90 battles means you’re going to have to play over 400 PVP battles to hit 500.

That would be fine if you could fill the void using Explore like previous events but so far that isn’t working. I’ve done 102 PVP and 85 Explore and only have 209 event gems. That’s an average of 1 per battle.

What level are you? I’m seeing the usual carousel of Courage and Bone Dragon, actually more like it was before these events started. Most of my matches are players in top 10 guilds.


Well I’ll be happy to reach 250 event gems, I don’t need to aim higher.

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Level 540. I’ve seen you in pvp a few times, noticed you’ve been using a Courage Bone Dragon team. Try switching back to a single troop, and see if you notice a difference.

Just a guess. Seeing plenty of level 1,000+ people using a single troop this week.

80 gems isn’t anything to just sneeze at, especially given how the events have been so far. This one is balanced very poorly. It’s also not having the (presumably) desired effect of PVP.

Last week it was awesome to face so many giants. Now it’s back to the Courage and Bone Dragon grind.

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I haven’t felt any of these were balanced well. But anything I get I am happy to have.

I just managed to get 37 wins to get the 30 gems…working on the souls next

I don’t use Bone Dragon. I actually find the practice somewhat detestable.

Been using this since the event changed. Used giants last week.


The undead one was excessively easy. The other one was reasonable. This one just doesn’t work.

By the way, the flavor of the week seems to be Wight / Courage / Bone Dragon / Famine.


Maybe the devs are still testing/collecting data on the average difficulty of the events. Assuming that they are recording how many people are finishing the tasks and how fast. If that’s so, it’s acceptable to assume that since the Undead week was too easy they are trying the opposite making it harder to find out what feels more acceptable when you compare the value of the rewards involved and the necessary “work” to get those.

Thought that was what I saw earlier, apologies if I got it wrong.

W/C/BD/Famine must be mostly on your level. I’m seeing mostly a mixture of things, but i’m running a single troop defense. But some troops do stick out. Seeing a lot of Jarl, Justice, and Mab around. Along with the horsemen.

Oh and people are really loving Wraith.

It sort of took a long time to people to realize how broken he is for a common. Death Mark and Freeze on skull damage, if the troop doesn’t die instantly it probably can’t loop extra turns, can steal your mana, basically mana drain to prevent you from playing, or steal your life that is just True Damage plus some extra health to take more hits to keep being an annoyance for longer…

Yeah I meant wraith. Whichever one does death mark on skulls.

Also seeing a lot of Khorvash/ Valkyrie / Mab / Mercy.

Yeah I’ve heard the horror stories, but I gotta say so far knock on wood I haven’t had a troop die by wraith nor have I killed any troops with wraith.

I’ve found that he mana drains most of the time for me, and the death mark is even worse results.

I had a strike of bad luck on Death Mark lately, but it’s ok… Even losing a troop on each turn thrice. Some battles are just not meant to be won… :sweat_smile:

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