Recommendation for the new event

hi guys,
what would be the fastest way to get event points for the current event (killing blue troops)? in the previous event the final goal was higher, but you get guaranteed 4, maybe 5 or more, points per battle. with this one, you are even guaranteed one :frowning:
any particular kingdom’s challenge offers more blue troops to fight? or it is all just luck and rng?

If youre doing pvp, keep refreshing and scouting until you find a 4x blue team

If youre doing explore, stormheim, glacial peaks, and merlantis tend to be most blue populated

Challenges dont count for this event

my bad, yes, meant exploration! I will try those kingdoms - thanks for the tip!

oh man, it is confusing… I thought they meant blue troops, not blue mana using troops.
I dont have those kingdoms open yet - I am still a noob with maybe 5 kingdoms with complete quests… I will just try my luck!