This was my first week that the Events were not really engaged

Incubus was probably the only good usage for me this week with the event options.

Most of my Blighted Lands Troops were too low of a level to use in Warlord III in explore mode and too low to use in PVP

Tried to get a team together using a couple daemons - I had a hard time (as a mid range player) keeping from dying.

The Summons… well most of my cards were not traited that could summon a daemon. The ones that could summon, didn’t summon daemons and my Hero (the book rocks btw) took too long to fire up, but BOY when it did - Summoning a fully traited 20th level Abynissia just seriously made me go gahgah.

But on the flip side, I managed to do so much soul farming and traitstone farming I have gotten my Blighted Lands to 4 Stars and almost all of the Mythics from Blighted Lands are fully traited…and working now on Dark Monolith.

Anyone else have any comments about their week with the Events

I was not enthused about this event at the start (partially because it was 400 frags at first before the devs cut us some slack) but once I found a few good teams it was a lot of fun. I like having to use troops I wouldn’t normally even touch and eventually I was able to win a match with 28 frags (my personal record). :slight_smile:


Ohhhh wow… Well now that I have some troops that I can use I might take a stab at trying to win three levels.

This was the first event I didn’t bother with at all. The thought of drawing out matches so that I could summon troops was mind-numbing. That said, I know every event isn’t made for everyone.


Yeah, the long matches would get pretty boring and go slow, I’m not going to lie. Plus you’re sacrificing a lot of other resources in that same amount of time but for me, getting to 200 frags to finish the event was the perfect amount. If it had remained 400 I couldn’t see myself having completed that.


Yea, I think it was nice that they made the event stone amount more reasonable at least.

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I’m almost out of :heart:'s so this my IOU for one :heart: for your comment. :wink:

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:heart: ed her for you :smile_cat:

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Lol great now you get a :heart: IOU, too! At this rate I’m going to use up all of tomorrow’s :hearts: today. I feel like I’m heading down a bad path :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked this. Complete change of pace. I got all the 200 in pvp, which did took some time, but i really enjoyed. Would love to see similar very specific stuff like: heal an ally/add armor/increase magic/web an enemy/entangle an enemy/burn an enemy/poison an enemy/freeze an enemy/devour an enemy/ charm an enemy/ give ally barrier/give ally emchant to gain 1 event gem.


That’s a whole lot of stuff to have to do just for one event gem! :wink:


You better build a diverse team :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be kind of funny if they made some super hard combo like “Kill one enemy with deathmark and one enemy with devour in the same match.” but each time you did it, it was worth like 25 event gems.


“Kill all 4 enemies with Poison.”


Well I just spent how many minutes in one match… it was cute… it was fun… but not worth spending my weekend doing this.

Back to farming and PVP glory


worth 400 even gems
(at the risk of getting “that’s the joke” meme’s thrown my way, killing with poison is still impossible, right?)

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I ignored it completely, I might have tried if it had worked with less than 4 troops but waiting for one to die or sacrifice to load up and meh, such a hassle.

Don’t give them ideas. :crying_cat_face:

My double bombot team was pretty fast but still not as fast as my normal PvP teams