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New theory on high level PVP and repetition?

I posted another thread here about this week’s event and it got me thinking.

I’m once again stuck in a rut, seeing the same teams over and over again in PVP. This week it’s Wraith / Courage / Bone Dragon / Famine. So I decided to start paying closer attention.

I’m not just seeing the same teams, I’m seeing the same PLAYERS over and over. I know that the algorithm uses a 3-hour activity timer or something similar and I wonder if this might be part of the problem.

Anybody else want to track this?


No need, I have a perfectly good virulent hatred of that exact team already (provided you mean Wraith)… think you’re right about the players recurring though.


Yeah it’s wraith, I corrected it.

Here’s another oddity. I faced the same player twice just now. The only instance of that player in recent battles is on DEFENSE. So the only way to track is manually because the battle log isn’t reliable.

As someone who has done a TON of pvp this week, I’ll say this is absolutely accurate. I fight the same 6 or so people over and over and over and over. With a new one thrown in here and there on occasion. You’re not wrong about players repeating. It’s obnoxious in my opinion. If i do 1000 pvp fights I want to fight 1000 players, not 42. :confused:

And no the battle log is definitely not reliable. I’ve fought the same person 5x in like 30 mins, and it will always only show up once.

Strangely, my mix of opponents seems to have improved in the last 15 minutes or so. Like 180-degrees different.

If there is a 3-hour activity timer/meter/whatever at work, it could be a time-of-day thing…

Absolutely. Exactly what I was thinking.

But but 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.


I knowwwwwwwwwwwww! That’s why I picked it!


I’ve not been tracking the player names too precisely, but there are definitely around 10 that roll very very often. Most of whom have courage/bd defence. Gits.

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Nice! :thumbsup:

On topic regarding the deck: I’ve been put that deck for like 4-5 weeks. It gave me quite good defense win ratio, around 0.40-0.45. I consider any deck that can pull above 0.33 win ratio on defense is a good defense deck. And I value defense wins as much as I value invade wins. First week, it was only couple players who copied it. But then more players lose to this deck then they copied it too weeks after.

That deck is very simple for stupid AI to play. If player ignore skulls, then AI will take it with chance of instakill top troops and +3 attack and life to whole AI troops. Would you take the chance?
If player then take skulls, he just waste his turns and the AI will just pick brown or purple as the banner set to it. 2x Mana surge from either one of those color is enough to fill BD. BD cast, usually first troop dies. Then 2nd troops. Wraith apply frozen and death mark repetitively. Even if you survived whole board of skulls and death mark, it’s usually very hard to comeback from that. Meanwhile Famine and Courage just chill there and be a good cheerleader.

About repetition I think it’s just because most of high level PvPers are playing at the same hour. So you’ll often see them in your PvP list. I usually get more variety of opponents at 11AM-3PM my time because it’s still early morning in Europe and late night in US.

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Yes, you are my least favourite opponent (and irritatingly often showing up).

The Wraith is the problem actually - it’s broken for a common to have Chill Touch and Death Touch together - or on any troop really - the freeze is the real problem as it stops many loop teams… and any team like yours needs to be beaten without letting BD or Famine cast.

I’ve found a loop team with Mercy/Hellcat/Alchemist/GardAvatar is the safest/quickest way to roll you over. Mercy getting frozen isn’t an issue, and even if DeathMark takes her out, the remaining troops can usually pull off a loop and Gard cast to win.

I don’t object to you putting that defence team there (well I do, but it’s your choice after all) - but I do object to the matchmaking giving you as my 3 trophy fight about 40% of the time…


I’ve lose many time to that deck too, lol. I hate fighting against that deck. It’s annoying and challenging, but it’s still beatable. :smile:

Haha. You sure? I thought you’ve been putting mono troop on defense? Maybe because we play at same time. I fought Laiieuus more often than anyone else this week, because he’s been rocking pvp hard and we played at same hours.

Oh yeah wraith is amazing as a common troop. My favorite!

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I have (and still have). Not sure what’s going on with the matchmaking at the moment - sometimes it’s the usual mono-defence-strangely-modified rolls which are all around 800 base gold for all three match options - but I have been getting more 1200 base gold matches offered again (almost always against Bone Dragon teams).

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Oddly enough, I haven’t faced you at all that I can remember. I’ve been victimized by copycats! :smiley:

For those without Gard’s a quick and easy defeat of Wraith, BD, Courage, Famine or Courage x3 + BD etc is the good old Deep Borer, Bone Dragon, Sylvanimora, Courage with Abysmal banner. Wraith is quickly entangled via 4 match so you can concentrate on filling BD then when you fire off BD the entangle always goes to the next enemy when you make a kill. I have played a LOT these teams since Monday and can’t recall losing to one yet. (Stats played 265 lost 4)

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I’ve quit a couple but I generally attack them with War Goat / Valk / Justice / Mab for a quick win.

As well there are a number of troops that are insulated who work okay in the front with the right team behind them and then you don’t have to worry about wraith or BD freezing you. Only death mark is a problem then and it’s only a small chance to trigger.

@ZooKeeper’s right - we’ve matched up a ton this week. Often I can still win, but not every time. If that team gets going with a BD cast or two before my loop gets up and going, I can still lose.