(Not a Bug just TECHN9NE) Something isn't right about this

I have a defense set that shouldn’t be getting much wins… using mountain crusher/fire bomb x3 with oracle class hero. In less than 5 minutes this happened?!


10 char

im losing on purpose…xD

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If people are fighting you in Casual PvP it shows up as automatic wins.

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To lower your PvP score? Or for what purpose?

usually to generate “Revenge” battles that give you extra Glory. That’s why you see 4x FireBomb teams.

I have a different purpose but I guess I can see that, just odd that many losses to same player in succession eh?

I have 16 losses to the same player all at the exact same time of 29mins ago. Perhaps a bug in capturing the time of deliberate losses/retreats?

@en9nhcet is franking with you guys. It’s from him playing cPvP. Look at his profile this week. He would have little to no Ranked PvP matches.
(Not a bug)

Yes but… how that many losses that quickly, it don’t add up

It would take refresh to get same opponent 13 times in a 5 minute window, ya… okay

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How long were you playing before getting that PvP log?

All morning, 6 hours now… and within 5 minutes 13 wins? ive had several other logs prior to this one if thats what you are insinuating, like this was the first log of the morning or something but it was not… i had been actively playing for awhile when it happened thats why i say in less than 5 minutes i had 13 wins

why you keep showing up to me to fight over and over again is more iteresting to me :frowning:

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that is very strange, others in my guild have also had this same scenario happen… you must have this happen a lot with players showing up over and over again that quickly?

yes i am purposely losing quickly wanted to see if i can get my overall wr to 1%…because im bored/mental problems but i dont know why it keeps giving me between like 4-5 of the same ppl with a few randoms mixed in over and over again lol

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or 12 or 13 in less than 5 minutes lol

that is strange, i will give it that. i mean i got 3 gems out of the deal and like 12 pvp points i didnt want but lol… they went away again in a few losses i guess. nothing really complain about just seems like something isnt working right here is all. hopefully it gets looked into

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Hey, no, he really is losing on purpose as fast as he possibly can, so enjoy the defence rewards I guess @BARBELITH lol

@Carlsbad we fixed that Casual PVP automatic win thing awhile ago