PvP Defense Weirdness

So I am using a team of four fire bombs as my defense, (because let’s be honest, I don’t have a meta team and what else am I going to do?)
And it works for getting attacked semi-often, so I can get some rewards from those, at least more often than with a more or less serious defense team, which wasn’t able to hold anything pretty much.

But in more or less regular intervalls I somehow get a report, which just tells me, that my defense got like 14 wins and only 1 loss. (I know one in my guild got 49 wins within one day on defense, so my stats aren’t even that high.) A quick look shows: No it’s not a bot doing weird stuff, or doesn’t seem to be one. Most of the time it’s multiple people fighting, sometimes even just one times. They are mostly level 1000 or above, so they should have high enough stats already.

Now my question is: How is that even possible? Winning once or twice on a lucky sunday might be considered bad RNG on the enemies part, but 14 times in a row? Something really has to be off with this stuff. And as it happens like every four to five days, it isn’t even that rare anymore.
Don’t get me wrong, I like the added rewards I get (even tho aren’t Fire Bombs supposed to give you more revenge battles? Oh well…), but it just confuses the hell out of me, and I just would like to know the reason why this stuff even happens.

If someone defeats you in casual it counts as a win for you.Otherwise you would get a revanche in ranked.


It’s people farming you for ingots/hero XP in casual PvP. It reports back weirdly and I don’t know why, but I also get those blobs of wins sometimes. Some genuine losses will be people accidentally setting a high difficulty, or using a weak but fast team (e.g. Rowanne and 3 flame bots, and your bots luckily destroy Rowanne’s armour so they just retreat). There’s no downside to retreating in casual.

I lost once too bombs because I had Bloodhammer and the first bomb triggered the Doomstorm and it just cascaded into my defeat.

I laughed


Is that right?!? More info I wish I knew.

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No, that is a bug. It has only been reported to the devs for 18 months…


I will say i’m over level 1000+ and i lose to fire bombs sometimes because when i see that match i normorally set it to warlord 4 difficulty so i get 100% gold and xp. But they get 200% percent stats and sometimes it can spawn a pet gnome that can summon. So fighting fire-bombs at warlord 4 is good extra gold just can backfire with cascade and gnomes that spawn with super stats.