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PvP defence: weak team or Firebomb team?

What is better for revenge farming?
Unfortunately Ice Worms are level 5, not 1 due to VIP 5.


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Don’t think it matters much what defense you bore your opponents with.

i think firebomb, but many people skip firebomb teams, altrough low random teams are nothing other. they only doing no suicide.

i take firebombs normally and attack every firebombteam because, its a freewin. why not

Some people just farm Ranked PvP and fight Firebombs.
Some people roll Casual PvP for easy 3000-6000 power opponents.

Wait. If they defeat me in Casual, do I get a revenge battle?
And another thing: I heard there is a bug when you get defeated in Casual it counts as a win for you.

So confused as to what to pick.

who are these many people that skip firebomb?

I’ve heard this too and would love to hear confirmation one way or another. I’ve had way too many wins with a fire bomb defense a few weeks ago. This week I’m 236/289 with four peasants (I changed it last night but wins are about the same). A level 1000+ player was in my battle log as a victory for me at least 7 times. I’m assuming that’s the explanation.

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This is correct. A friend of my wife’s sent her a screenshot of him beating her in PVP a day or two ago, then we could see the fight showing up as a defense win in her PVP battle log. He was in casual.


Casual defense losses counting as wins prevents players from getting revenge battles for casual opponents. I don’t know if this is intentional or a convenient (for the dev team) side effect of a coding error.

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I think casual battles counting as a win is intentional to prevent guilds from targeting players and dragging them down the leaderboard. I know the reverse is true, certain guilds with sister guilds BOOSTING players UP the leaderboards.

To answer OP if you want to piss off other player you pick 4x flamebomb, if there is a pet gnome this is harder to kill before he escape

And if you want to be fair you pick weak team

i read it many times here, firebombs are boring and not challenging enough… or its not 3 trophy, so it would be ignored

Firebombs are boring. I will usually skip them even if they are three trophy.

Having said that some people may prefer them… your choice which way to go

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If you’re playing simply for enjoyment or a challenge Firebomb teams are boring, but if you’re just speed farming for resources they are welcomed. It all depends on the player. That being said, if everyone put up a Firebomb or joke defense it would ruin the game. I think the balance is good currently.


to say “i play for the challenge” in pvp is a joke considering by this ai und rng these days