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Fire Bomb Defense Teams Posting Odd Wins

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

My guild members who use Fire Bomb defense teams has been posting some very high win rates (more than losses) and it seems somehow the game was generating artificial wins.

Case 1
As i promote inter-guild bashing of members we frequently post wins and losses against other members for fun.
One of our member’s Panda posted the following today.


However our other member Raz-0 had not played the game since the night before.


Case 2
One of our member’s Aria observed a surge of wins on her Fire Bomb defense team and checked her battle log to find the same person has loss to her Fire Bomb defense team more than 5 times within a span of less than a minute.


What are the steps to make it happen again?

Setting up a Fire Bomb defense team seems to trigger this issue.
I can obtain further screenshots from members who have Fire Bomb defense teams with abnormal wins.

Explained here:

And here:


Thank you Grundulum :blush:

Now i’m even more confused but in summary it seems like an odd mechanism which is used to prevent revenge matches appearing from casual.

It still doesn’t solve why Raz-0 ended up with a win in casual though when he hasn’t played but the explanation of the abnormal wins is weird enough :joy: