Ranked PvP....I can't even right now

Just watch…

Or earlier today…

(Leprechaun casting caused all the other Cascades despite the red storm).

To be fair 2 weeks ago I went 400-2 at one point. (Last week I only did PvP until Tier 1.)
I didn’t say anything then in fear that I would get blow back for complaining about “winning too much”. When simply I just want balance from the RNG. I don’t mind losing in PvP. But I do mind Cascades of red gems dropping to fuel the AI despite there not being a storm to influence the RNG.

It’s just crazy to me because I’m not seeing this behavior in any other game mode currently. Every where else it seems fine.

This week I’m averaging a 20-1 ratio. While others are winning thousands of matches in a row and averaging less than 60 second matches while doing so.

Before you Monday morning quarterbacks offer me unsolicited advice. I realize my decision to cast Doom blade was risky. I got the feeling that the AI was going to make sure I lost. So I tried to hopefully get a skull Storm going from a cascade. Had I just lost, I would’ve waited for a different example to raise my concern. But it was the way I lost that leaves me thinking that the RNG needs some serious attention.


I see what you mean and have experienced the same problem. And yeah only with ranked pvp and guild wars (which I know is basically also pvp because it counts toward tiers)

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I remember a long time ago I said this and some guy told me if I had smart team building skills like he did I’d be winning all the time. I told him he could go pound sand because it was an RNG issue and he continued to insist the problem was my inferior skills.

But if you can’t even, and you’re acting odd, Throttle’s the solution.

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My current pvp team is boosting sunspear so I’ve not noticed an exorbitant red cascade…in fact, the more the merrier. However I have noticed weird mana cascades in the higher levels of warrens delving. Above 400, (1st or last fight) storms seem to be running even though they are not and it always works in favour of the AI. I hit a patch where the AI would have a string of cascades then leave me with nothing other than a forced move into a certain death trap. My damage troops had nothing to work with and the loopers couldn’t get a look in. Changed teams and the same thing happened. Changed hero to sunspear…ditto. As if warrens and cedric jumblesacks wasn’t bad enough already.

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