How often are YOU running into the "super lucky" opponents?

By “super lucky”, I’m referring to what the devs claim happens when the AI gets runs of 4 mana matches or 5 mana matches in a row on their turn. Despite their claims that the AI has the same luck as us human players (HA!), this is becoming more and more of a problem on console I’m finding.

Now, granted, one of the 2 remaining minions IS a goblin. But the problem is not so much the goblin generating extra turns, as if you’ll watch you’ll see - it’s the RIDICULOUS drops and “magical” matches it happens to make.

From the get go, and in order, it gets -

4 mana yellow
4 mana blue
5 mana red from sky drop
4 skull from raze drop, created by a 3 level multi-match (3 red, 3 blue, 4 skull)
4 mana red
5 skull from sky drop
4 blue from sky drop

That’s SEVEN 4+ matches, THREE from sky drop, and one created through minion power. In one turn. And despite the fact I had four minions left (though I didn’t bother to record it because I was honestly just getting super frustrated with the game in general by that point), I actually BARELY won that match too. In the end, I only had Celestia left. The next turn by the AI was nearly as absurd.

I would urge anyone on PS4, when you see a ridiculous play by the computer that just defies logic and reason (and that YOU certainly never have happen on your turns), record it, trim it, upload it to YT, post it here. I don’t know what’s wrong with the game, but this is beyond what it was before. Before, it seemed fine, balanced. Now, it’s just like the AI is constantly flipping me off.

That’s just me, though. Anyone else feeling/noticing this?

Which battle mode was this and what was the difficulty setting?

In short, a lot, but all in fair, it’s usually against a team that has the ability to what I call “gem bullying”. Or like what you’ve got, when the AI is acting up, it is what I like to call… just plain sick and tired of us humans winning a lot.

In PvP (ranking) is where I’ll find most of my problems. It is what it is man, I guess it’s a design to mimic a incredibly smart human, or a cheesy one. :joy: Honestly I don’t mind losing but it’s the way I lose that gets to me. (My Rant)

At times I’m able to beat the AI a lot in a row and then lose few times in a row to the same team I know I should’ve beaten based on the gems I’ve match or just because I know I had the upper hand. I’ve beaten higher level players, lesser challenging teams and lost to the same. I’ve expressed this kind of foolishness before and seen it expressed around in the forum. At this point I just play on, get my team up, and move on. (More rant)

When the AI acts up like this I basically ain’t got time for this. :expressionless:

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This honestly didn’t strike me as that ridiculous given the team and situation. It’s more a testament to the power of goblins (and Goblin Rocket in particular) than anything else, as far as I’m concerned. (I personally don’t think a nerf to Goblin Rocket is unreasonable.) When’ve you got exploders and transformers on your team, plus good color coverage and a spell that gives an extra turn, it makes board control fairly easy and should lead to streaky turns.

I’d suggest you also pay attention to the drops on your end of the equation. This just came up in another thread and the general consensus is that it’s a classic case of recall bias. The ones that fall against your favor are much more likely to stand out than the ones you benefit from. If you start actively paying attention to your luck then it feels much less one-sided. Sure, sometimes the AI gets a ridiculously good streak, but it’s honestly no more rare than the player does. You just have to be actively paying attention to it on your end.


PVP, normal.

Pretty much any time I bother trying to fight an EK/Mab team. I make a move, ai makes a move, i make a move, EK goes off, i lose my mana, computer takes 4 turns, all my stuff is frozen, i quit the battle.


I’m actually acutely aware of how often I get lucky, and since I’ve been paying more attention, it’s become quite apparent it’s severely skewed towards the AI in general (at least on console). Has nothing to do with that “recall bias” thing the devs and various people seem to love to fall back on as a way to dismiss this stuff.

Goblins are one thing, they’re annoying, but they have ways of being dealt with.

Board explosions that are very specific are generally not going to cause, or shouldn’t cause, what is seen in the video I posted. Majority board removes like dragon soul, that’s usually going to have, and should rightly have, a higher chance of sky drops giving favorable matches. At least, IMO.

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I don’t want to be “that guy”, but the first problem here is that you left a 4-yellow match for your opponent and ended your turn. If you had taken that 4-yellow instead of taking the 3 purple to fill-up your Dragon Soul, YOU would have had the lucky 4-blue at the top, and maybe the lucky 5-red, and you could have used your Jarl or TDS to start the loops that you were hoping to get going with those troops.

To be clear, I get extremely frustrated when, for example, a column of 5 skulls in a row drops in to replace a 3-match that the computer makes (or multiple skydrops in a row), but I really do feel like it goes both ways.


Board explosions should case it though. They create a reset of a large chunk of the board leading to a greater likelihood of a subsequent 4+ match (particularly given that the chance was 0 when the spell was cast). Further, b/c the Goblin Rocket gives an extra turn, it gives an even greater chance of chaining moves together. Transformers similarly enable this.

I’ve played with exploders quite a bit b/c I find the RNG really fun. It’s awesome when you can chain together a ton of turns by a seemingly random succession of explosions. That’s how they work.

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I couldn’t agree more. I play exploders all the time for this very reason, and this might be why the luck feels like it falls at least 50% in my favor. I frequently get a 4 or 5 match dropped for me off an explosion, but it frequently sets up my opponent, too. Overall, I’d much rather explode the board and take a coin-toss on whether I get the next turn or not, knowing that I’ve at least collected a bunch of mana in the meantime.

Absolutely, but even for leaving a 4 match on the board (I didn’t even realize it as I was more focused on filling up Dragon Soul in that match on my turn before) that’s still a ridiculous windfall for the AI to just “happen” into.

I’ve certainly been privy to my share of ridiculous turns, where I’m sitting there going “Whooo!” because Jarl filled the board with 4 matches for the fourth time in a row. Minion powers are one thing.

BS like the AI just “happening” into six or more 4-5 matches through sky drops, without powers, happens at a seriously high rate though. Whereas I’m lucky if that happens once a week for me. And I go for Tier 1 and then some each week (yes, I realize, compared to the higher up players, not that much, but it’s still a fair amount of time investment).

Why do you think I put Dragon Soul in my team the second I got him? :wink:

I’m aware transformers similarly enable this, it’s why I didn’t bother to record a match where one of the guardian minions (the blue one) basically kept a continuous chain going for like 4 minutes in combination with two other cards, which just resulted in my saying “Eff it” and retreated. Stuff like that is just a result of poor balancing from the devs, not really so much the AI constantly getting sky drops and what not that just happen to result in miracle moves, as I like to call them.

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I see what ya saying, and if you went against another team it’s not gonna get better either, nope. Whoever wins at this kinda foolishness and never loses at this kinda foolishness, has the better luck. I’m gonna say this, at the end of the day PvP is just hard, yeah it is, it’s not easy like the other parts of the game, ya gonna lose to foolishness and foolishness is gonna happen. Sure ya gonna win too, but the simple fact that you can win against a sneaky AI in this game should make you feel you know how to solve these puzzles, because believe me, with the AI’s trickery most people would’ve stopped playing this game completely where on the other hand you keep playing. Besides all this foolishness you just gotta pick up and move on to the next challenge is my advice and enjoy the game.:+1:

(Note to self: will the Devs fix the AI’s trickery, I honestly don’t know if there’s something that needs fixing)

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This is my experience as well. Start a match against EK/Mab, do your first turn for usually a 3 match. AI then goes and gets 4-5 straight 4-matches, freezing and stunning all of my team. That’s usually when I quit as well.

This game would be immediately improved by the removal of Queen Mab or at least her third trait. EK is also annoying but at least rarely prevents me from winning and can stay, its Mab (and the Frozen effect) that is the real fun-killer.

Frozen is just too powerful for a troop to give out via trait, even if Mab was base-mythic.

It happens all the time. The excuses given don’t wash anymore. The game is changing its character and not for the better. Rewards ae cut back dispite what the watchdogs of the forum say. The AI gets constant cascades.
Come on folks. Think about it. They want to reduce the surplus of items being stockpiled so do you honestly think they are going to turn around and give us more ? No the game is slowly changing to be like every other p2w game. It’s sad but very real. Don’t let the forum bullies cloud yoour judgment folks.

Are you including the Devs in that group? They’ve repeatedly come out to say they haven’t changed the AI so I can only assume you’re saying the Devs are either 1) lying or 2) incompetent. :thinking:

Ogunther they have repeatedly refused to answer certain questions. Defending a game game you enjoy doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to what all these people are noticing. It is changing. Sorry I won’t be cornered on this. I caved at first but figured I must be wrong but to hell with that. Screw political correctness we are right.

Can you be more specific on what questions they haven’t answered? They’ve point blank said that they haven’t changed the AI recently so I’m a little confused.

Edit. And for the record, I haven’t seen any change in AI behavior but there are so many variables in gameplay and style of the player that my experience alone doesn’t mean something hasn’t changed.

The luckiness is terrible, I’ll be VASTLY GLAD when they finally implement real-time player vs. player online matches.

Not unless they remove looping teams you won’t. Lol

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