Why the player thinks the AI cheats Part Deux. (4.3 edition) (Rants should be a category)

Welcome back for those who followed the first thread.
No theories on my end at this time. No solutions for the :poop:. Just “biased” evidence of what I feel like was the “Fu” switch being turned on. Sirrian, educated me that no such mechanic exists. Well… You decide for yourself…

That’s a lot of yellow for a red storm. That’s a lot of “bad luck” to happen when I had over 80 wins in a row. That’s exactly 3 troops dead with 1 close to death AI troop left. That’s a lot of moves to my 1. :person_shrugging:

So who exactly decided it was a great business plan to troll their players? We lose matches we aren’t allowed to win. We get our gold/PvP scores nerfed because we max upgraded our kingdoms and do legendary tasks. We get things like “PvP notifications” even though no one asked for them. (And NO ONE gives a :poop: that I don’t want them.) “my ticket or report” has been put on the back burner behind the AI vs AI arena. (That’s how much of non priority it is.)

It sucks that someone plagiarized some art @Sirrian.
Now you know my frustration with you ruining what is your own art. Like your past self is being ripped off by your future self. Yeah there have been some great additions to what the game was 2 1/2 years ago. But every single one of those pluses came with a negative.

I believe you that “luck” isn’t a factor in regard to situations like this. But if the AI went into Super Saiyan mode because it thinks I’m “so much powerful” than it. Then I should just quit for 5 months so that I can then come back to a “fair game”. Or not come back at all. :person_shrugging:

For those who want to read the first edition:


so when will the ai vs ai arena come out? before or after the friends list? xD


Hopefully soon™ after we find out what the Twitter Weapon will be. The announcement is currently late™.

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You got the shaft on that one, bro :unamused:

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This is literally how I lost my paragon battle yesterday. You make ONE 3 match and then they’re off… it is the most annoying thing. ‘Cause you know your team could beat theirs. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I didn’t watch the video because I think I’d be triggered.

What the hell was up with red day yesterday? I had an absolutely terrible time. It wasn’t just “bad starting boards”, it was “I lost 3 troops to the CPU’s first turn.” None of my converters ever had a sensible lineup, but boy howdy did the CPU get favorable outcomes.

I’ve seen quite a few people complain about similar high-variance issues. I blame Doomskulls, which is a weird departure because usually I defend Doomskulls. It’s notable you’re using a Doomed weapon. Almost every defense I faced yesterday used one. Almost everyone I know is using a Doomed weapon or Doomskull team.

You know what happens when you put “lots of color conversion” and “Doomskulls” on the same board? Lots of really, really swingy games. Sometimes you just hand the entire match to your opponent because your side whiffs. Other times you’re completely hamstrung because casting your troops will obviously hand the match to your opponent.

Generators and converters are really bad for strategic play.

I also noted, when I was taking notes, that in general every turn a player was getting 1 turn or “more than 3”. I logged one match in Discord to a hapless listener and the turn balance went:

1/3, 1/1, 1/5, 1/1, 1/1, 1/4, 2/1, 5/2, 1/6

I had a looping team based on converters. They had a looping team based on converters. As you can see, I was stuck with no casts and not even 4-matches to make save for two of my turns. He who looped best won, and that is entirely up to luck.

I hate it. I still want a cap on free turns.

The other horrible experience was a team I was beating to a pulp, but it summoned 12 replacement troops along the way. The problem with me beating it to a pulp was it was summoning as fast as I was killing. That one’s just bad luck, but it happened right before the other matches so it just contributed to an overall “I hate GW” feeling.


I’ve certainly had storm issues on both brown and red day. Duststorm day 1 was non existent and got me slaughtered by a flammifer yao paragon team presented with a dream board. 24 hours later I blew the whole board on red day only for my firestorm to provide TWO RED GEMS on the new one. That’s just wrong.

@awryan; your clip demonstrates the storm debacle very nicely, and painfully.


Yes, this week is a typical cheat or something is wrong week… Last week i win in pvp all the fights, 385:4 or so.
But this week is bad. So only the bare necessities ingame. Such weeks are frustrating and not worth the effort. And yes, yesterday the redday and the brownday before are nice typical gw days where bonedragon and khorvash can create first brownstorms and then skullstorms. I never get only one line for my converter, the ai get 4match after 4 match, free skulls every turn, active storms creating less gems from this color, freeturns for the ai after 3matches and the newest bug, possessed king explode no gems on 4match. Nice.

(i never saw a ishbaala they got no full mana after her first cast and can take every skullmatch they create)

(i fight daily against the stormproblem in delves with mountaincrusher)


It just keeps getting better. Zuul, fox champion team fight 4. Built and tested a deck and won a dozen or so fights. Loaded wars fight…one green for leprechaun to explode and no significant moves available. Cast leprechaun and then got 7 straight skull smashes on my stealth godslayer team followed by a zuul cast. Game over. Reloaded and got skull blitzed again lol. The RNG in this game is completely ruined as is the fun factor I used to get from playing it.


How many times do we have to be told it just isn’t so… lol…

Frostmage class & all opponents were frozen, but the AI still took 3 3 gem moves & casted… It’s not cheating because they programmed it to do that… here is a novel idea… AI has to follow exact rules Us players do.

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Worst part about that match, from the looks of it, is that you actually did take the best possible move available there. You had to break up that cluster of red gems and skulls that turn to prevent a T match from Ishbaala’s cast. The brown gem with a skull on top of it sky dropping from the fourth row were completely unpredictable, and had either one of those two gems been anything else, you would have won the match on your next turn.

I find that kind of thing very unsatisfying, personally. It’s not a matter of the other team being better or playing better; it’s just dumb luck auto-winning at the last minute. And it seems to happen far more often than is statistically probable…

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I think a lot of this would be better if (I knew which thread I was in)

Are you on you right thread?
Did you mean your post to be on my complaint about starting board RNG?

This OP had nothing to do with GW. :person_shrugging:

Ugh you’re right. At some point all the threads blur together, and I sort of wish the forums had a one-click “to the top” button. I’ll just edit it out.

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At this point I’m just convinced that Arena’s the only good in-game trophy option. Good rewards too. AND IT’S BUCKING FAIR.

I gotta say my 2 cents. In yesterday’s gw, I faced exactly the same team type 3 different matches (glaycion - doomed blade - alderfader - grave seer).

First 2 fights I smashed the team into oblivion in less than 4 turns. Last fight, vs the paragon, got 1 st turn popped.

THAT’s bad rng lol.

Yeah I had a taste of it today. Paragon’s the Rope Dart team. I buckled up and fought it.

Turn 2 it took 10 free turns and killed 3 of my troops. This is the side of Rope Dart I don’t like. Yes, it happens to me all the time. That’s why I use it on offense, the turn 2 wins are just too frequent. I think the game would be better if they weren’t, but I’m going to use it while I have it.

Either we need to end GW, or the devs should commit to nerfing any team that can demonstrably win on a single turn. That’s what I want for my happiness.

Sometimes the IA do absurd things… And is annoying.