Design-a-Weapon! (Week 4: Spell Suggestions)

Its probably just a yellow scythe that does aoe damage

We should protest on their twitter account that we hate twitter.

Well I don’t get it, the Affix on Salty’s keyboard says “100% chance to post on the forums”, so clearly she must have posted it to the forums.

(Maybe this is related? Support and community delays

I’m not quite sure what “Support and community” is or which team member stood too close to a plaguelord but it could be?)

Any news on this @Saltypatra @Cyrup @Kafka @Ozball ?

What were the options for spell voting we never got to see?
Which spell won?


Spell is called “Social Media” when you cast you have a 10% chance to lethally kill an opponent, 20% chance to silence all your opponents, 50% chance to to do 30 damage to all enemies and allies. Finally, 60% chance to alienate your own troops enough that they may run away.

Not sure how that’s all going to fit in one card. But we’ll see.


This is the most ridiculous spell I have ever had to read.
I hope they reconsider changing it to something simpler.

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It’s not the actual spell. My apologies for misleading you. I realize that text is the worst way to express sarcasm.

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Well it’s been almost a week…
Was the public response to the alienated community members posted on Myspace?
I honestly can’t remember my user name or password to check. 🤷

I don’t know, whenever I use my red team it feels like I get silenced 100% of the time. I could have sworn it also makes a firestorm on cast.

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Not to worry. Your sarcasm was obvious, but thanks for showing concern. :wink:

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I thought it was funny so don’t fret about it :rofl:

wow. I was wondering what happened with this. had almost forgotten about it. pretty lame the final vote wasn’t announced on the forums.

If you want an answer about this you’ll have to Tweet a dev @ #…I thought about looking to find the Twitter handle. But nah… Not worth it.

I’ll be on this tomorrow after my stream! We got a little caught up with GDC and this ran over it, so please bear with me. :slight_smile:




Did you check Twitter? :grin:

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Nothing released yet, still gathering info and hoping to bring some graphics. I hope to get a post out today, if not it will be out tomorrow.

Update, will be tomorrow. My attentions are needed elsewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:


Weapon: Behemoth Mirror
Effect: Swap stats with a random enemy troop, then deal X damage to all other enemies. If the target has less stats (total) than the caster, kill yourself.

Maybe it’d be cool to see some meta weapon to juggle around like the new mimic faction had, but something that can actually work on the 1000 durability, 300 attack troops throughout delves and lvl 12 explore.