Design-a-Weapon! (Week 4: Spell Suggestions)


The next part of our Design-a-Weapon is here! The time has come for you to create a spell for our scythe from Sin of Miraj. (Remember, it will be using yellow!) You can leave suggestions here: :gem: :fire:

Have fun!



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Malicious Glee: Force a random Enemy to cast its spell at itself, without requiring or using up mana. Automatically picks brown spells with 15 mana cost if available.


Faustian Bargain: Give an ally [magic] Magic and Attack, but also give them Curse, Burn, and Bleed x4. If the ally is a Daemon, gain an extra turn.

Daemonution: Steal [magic] Attack and Magic from an enemy. All other allies gain 5 mana.

Something like this :thinking:

Has a (25%+magic) to turn a random enemy into a random deamon with (75%-magic) mana. Then create (0.5 X magic) of the new enemies gems.

The Scythe of Reprisal:
Shockwave Swing:
Blesses all allies and curses all enemies.
If there are 13+ yellow Gems, deal 30 damage to all enemies and halve their mana.


I’m going to submit my proposal but also hijack the thread for a different discussion.

The proposal:

Destroy an enemy’s Armor. Deal {Magic + 5} damage. Give all allies 2 Attack, boosted by armor destroyed.

The hijack:

If you make a yellow Scythe that is not named “Butter Cutter” I am never going to forgive you.


Deal [magic + balanced #] damage to an enemy. If that damage is lethal, summon that troop as an ally.


Blasts 2 purple stones while collecting 4-5 stones!

If you like me then this is my idea when it comes time to pick your favorite.

If you don’t like me then this was 100% @jzg’s idea.
And if you don’t like JZG or me, then you probably don’t like yourself either. 🤷
(Just saw that intended was autocorrected. Internet forgive the mistake please.)

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I also write and say “indented”! Great job!
And I definitely like myself, so you have my vote mister

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I have some other good ideas:

  • Change the word “ally” to “opponent” and vice versa in target opponent’s ability.
  • Activate target opponent’s ability as if it were your troop.
  • Deal 500 damage divided by 100 * the number of teams in your slots with Dragon’s Eye equipped.
  • Deal damage boosted by the number of letters in the opponent’s name.
  • Deal 9999 damage divided by either 0, 3333, or 9999. (Sometimes it crashes the game. C’est la vie.)

I’m sold, where do I sign?


I really like stuff that breaks the 4th wall. I just thought of this one, I think the community would like it:

Deal {Magic + 6} damage, multiplied by the opponent’s VIP level.

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Keep 'em coming, folks!

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The Old Switcheroo:
Top 4 rows and bottom 4 rows switch. 18dmg to all if 13 or more yellow gems. Gain extra turn.


At this point i can only hope this weapon, whatever it does, simply doesn’t have STUPID random upgrades which would ruin it’s function.


As long as it’s not Null sphere. I mean, who doesn’t want 2 magic upgrades on a weapon designed to make the target’s magic 0?