Design-a-Weapon! (Week 4: Spell Suggestions)


Those upgrades should make the magic go negative, for reals


It actually makes perfect sense though, so you can make sure your quasit can be lvl 20 if the 10% rolls in your favor.


Swap target’s Attack with their Magic and their Life with their Armor.

Can be used to kill a troop with no armor, or to make a troop a spell casting powerhouse, or make an entagled troop Magicless, or a webbed troop Attackless…


It also boosts Sekhma’s damage by 1! :open_mouth: Unfortunately also boosts an enemy Fel’Dras’ damage by 1 :pensive:.


Can we have this weapon not be a Dragon’s Eye counter? A Dragon’s Eye counter should be easy to get, even if its 6 months from now.

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That’s only at least 1800 players that will quit the game due to DE not having a counter.


I am sure some suggestions would fit better on a legendary/mythic/doomed weapon than on an epic like we’re designing. If Salty gets time after voting closes, I would be interested in getting a breakdown of submissions by perceived strength level.

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Oh, I believe there should be a DE counter. Just not this one particular thing. Imagine new players starting later that can never get their hands on this weapon :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty used to it by now. About a year ago was the last time I could share a team without causing resentment. Prior, the player at least had hope to get the troop they need for the build from chests. Or they had a direct path to farm the souls for DB.
Now if they don’t have the weapon, well…🤷 Sucks to be you I guess.


If we don’t suggest it, who’s to say they ever will implement it? :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t want to see “another” AoE scythe just because its Epic.

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Seriously, what do the weapon Rarity do other than be a decider on what Ingots are used for them?
Dawnbringer is the only Tricolor weapon.
Only Legendary weapons can have 2 colors.
Here are 2 examples of Weapon Casts. One is from a Mythic Weapon. The other is from an Epic Weapon.
Just by looking at it. Can anyone truly tell that one is supposed to be 2 power levels more than the other? 🤷


Deal x damage to an ennemy, x5 if ennemy is a Hero.

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First one is Axe of the Spire, 9 mana, magic+1 damage boosted 3:1, barriers self as notable upgrade.
Second one is Dragon Oak, 14 mana, magic+5 damage boosted 2:1, entangles first enemy, gives 2 mana to all green allies and creates a random green gem as notable upgrades

Contrary to the screenshot (+5 magic to brown due to hero class) the base damage of Axe of the Spire is actually lower, this gets compensated by double damage to Elemental, predictable gem removal and absence of the “create a random green gem” weapon upgrade that pushes Dragon Oak to dumpster value level. This actually looks perfectly balanced to me, Axe of the Spire is epic rarity, those ingots are so exceedingly rare it has to be much more powerful than the mythic Dragon Oak.

I guess sometimes it just sucks to be one of the first of its kind around, just ask Tau or Dokkalfar.


Steal all enemy gold and transfer to souls. Deal X damage to each enemy boosted by souls.

Keeping with the kingdom theme of sins :thinking: Steal enemy gold and transfer it into souls for you, and then boost an attack by souls collected.


My suggestion for a yellow (Light based) Scythe from Sin of Miraj following the theme of the weapon and location would be a weapon that counters either Miraj troops or demons something like:

Divine Retribution:
Deal (Magic + 10) dmg to target enemy deal double damage if they are a Sin of Miraj/Demon troop

This is more inline with recent epic weapons and is a Lust counter which is almost as useful as a Dragon’s Eye counter, but fits the theme better.

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I like the idea of it being a Weapon used to defeat Sin of Maraj(-type) troops(!), although to counter Lust effectively, you’d need to include some kind of stun.

Thematically, I think this can work, though, with something like a ‘flash of light/brilliance’. I’d suggest something more like

Blinding Cuts:
“Stun all enemy Daemons. Deal x true damage and inflict Bleed on 2 random enemies; 2x damage if Daemon/Sin of Maraj.”


Talk about something narrow… if this ever saw the light of day, the weapon will almost never be used. Way too situational.

This is actually made even worse when Queen of Sin comes out, unless your idea is to give QoS more value.


Spell submission is now closed, but I only just now thought it would be cool for the scythe to inflict Bleed on all enemies, applying it twice if the troop were already bleeding, and inflicting Curse on any troop immune to bleeding.

I like the idea of applying stackable status conditions (of which, for now, Bleed is the only one) all at once, as long as the pool of troops that can do so remains small.

Add some damage if you wish (I didn’t because I felt the fast-track to mass bleeding powerful enough), or gem conversion/removal component if you find a way to balance it. Maybe the number of Bleeds inflicted would be number of gems of a certain color removed at a ratio of 4:1 or something, in that case?


Yes, more clever board manipulation please!


Is there supposed to be a week 5 or 6 or is this over with?

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