Opponent not receiving the PvP loss

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I defeated an opponent. As that person is in a competing guild, I went to take a look at his statistics. I took a Steam screenshot, which is date/time stamped.
At 2:19 pm (immediately after the loss), he is showing 822 PvP points, 58 defense wins, 0 defense losses.
At 2:28 pm, he is showing 834 PvP points, 61 defense wins, 0 defense losses.
At 3:49 pm, he is showing 873 PvP points, 72 defense wins, 0 defense losses.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Defeat someone in PvP; grab a screenshot. Go back to that battle log one hour later to see if that PvP defense loss is properly recorded.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
I have attached the relevant screenshots. As this is a player that, to my knowledge, is a clean player, I’d rather not call him out by name here on the public forums. If @Saltypatra or another one of the Developers want to contact me, I can give the un-edited screenshots.

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That looks like me. I’ve been doing casual to finish gathering snotstones, which I’m done. This is exactly why they need to fix this stupid bug related with casual PvP. This kind of post make some players uncomfortable doing one of game feature, casual PvP which is more relaxing and cheap to refresh opponent list. I’ve wrote my concern regarding this bug here:

What strange is, I didn’t even attacked you. I just refresh till I get team with 4 giants with 5k or below points.

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I didn’t want to name names, @ZooKeeper, hence my blanking out what I did.

I just find it odd that the game did not record the loss for 90+ minutes.

– Tranimo

its something else then the casual since the OP was attacking you (or someone else), he was attacking - not being attacked

He attacked me just so he can check my stats.

It’s still that stupid bug with casual PvP.

but he meant that its his attack that is missing in your defense?

unless he attacked at casual then his attack should be saved on your defense regardless how many casuals you do, right?

im not talking about your defense win score, (unless i misunderstood the op completely)

That’s the thing with casual PvP. If someone do casual without touching ranked PvP, they won’t get PvP loss when someone invade them until they play ranked. Hence stats like 50-0 or 100-0 on defense. But once they play ranked, they will then receive loss like normally if someone defeat them.

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doesnt that mean if you do one ranked battle before all the casuals you wouldnt get bugged?

Maybe. I don’t know. If you wanna try, do it next reset.