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Repeat opponents in Casual PVP

Hey Guys,

Maybe an issue, maybe just a thing that doesn’t work the way I expected.

I was skimming Casual PVP today, looking for blue teams for the event (and maybe pet gnomes). And I noticed I was seeing the same unusual team a lot, so I jotted down the name of the player. And sure enough, I’m getting matched with the same player every 5-6 battles. Is that supposed to work like that? Even through refreshes?

Just to be sure I wasn’t imaginging it, I jotted down the names of my opponent in 20 straight battles of lvl1 casual. I got the one opponent 4 times, and three other opponents 2 times each. Is that meant to work like that?

Yes that has been the norm as long as I have been playing. Annoying but expected.

Always happen to me this week whereas last week I was getting far more low level player on 1 trophy fights(at least 5 times more). I have refresh more than 500 times this week so I have an okay sample size.

Part of the PvP match algorithm is it tries to pick “recent” teams.

So if there aren’t a lot of people who meet the other secret criteria matchmaking uses, you’ll see repeats. There’s a handful of people I tend to see every night 2-3 times. I remember them because their names stick out.

Thanks All. Annoying, if none of your regulars have chosen to post event teams, but good to know to expect it. I guess I just never noticed before…

What I do to mix up Ranked PvP is I change my team every week for my “main” PvP team and than I have a couple specific teams to take out specific meta teams like Psion / Famine and the new Divine/Infernus/Mercy meta it helps break up the monotony. If they won’t change I will is my strategy :wink: