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Why do I get presented with the same accounts for PvP

At first I thought it was my imagination, but after today I know I am getting the same teams when I use a gem. In fact I ended up with one team showing up 8 times today.

More so, while the folks who are beating me in the Defenders spot are extremely much higher than I would suspect (there are over 24k+ Players) -. I even had someone in the top 100 in the battle log for Defenders part. I’m shown a very small range of opportunities for my PvP.

What Gives?

Is the AI so bad that high ranking players are always getting us at the bottom of the list to tromp on?

I like the game but seriously, isn’t there a way to at least keep the ones in the top 1000 out of the bottom 22,000 group?

The matchmaking system avoids picking people who haven’t participated in PvP within the last 24 hours or so. Activity typically drops off as the week progresses, as people reach their personal goals for PvP tiers, glory, trophies, etc. The only people still playing heavily near the end of the week are those competing on the leaderboard, and those who just play that much anyway, and are thus more likely to be high level.

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Thank you for the answer. Interesting things I am learning about this system.:smile_cat: :ghost: