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Has something changed in PVP

I have a second account and have been noticing something really odd for weeks now, and wonder if it’s just me or what not.

It does not happen as far as I know with my primary account who is at 1108 level.

My secondary is at 461 level… and the best team points are 8771. My Defense team runs about 4751ish

I’ve been seeing about 70% of the time the first choice in PVP which is supposed to be the easiest, over my PVP points… and then it goes MUCH higher faster for 2nd and 3rd choice. Granted Firebombs make for easy 3 trophies.

It really kinda makes it hard for me to win at times. Even bringing in my best best troops…

Anyone else notice the amount differences in the PVP options? (especially where the first one is more than your team’s points)

You’re past the level-200 cliff on your secondary account. From what I recall, that’s the magic number where the game pulls out all the restrictions. So you should be seeing an unfiltered PVP pool. One that, it seems, includes a lot of late-game players with more developed accounts than your secondary.

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The matchmaking algorithm is stupid. It’s not documented, because if we could see it we could explain what is wrong with it. The dev response to criticism of the game’s matchmaking so far has been to avoid commenting at all in threads about it. That’s wise: if they comment then we can only assume the comment is it’s far more important to make more scaling-stat monster challenges than it is to fix PvP right now.

We do know that your team score matters, and there is discussion that your guild membership can matter. It also seems to choose from a pool of players who have played “recently”, as in “the past hour or so”. So some times of day, there aren’t a lot of “good” matches for it to pick.

Or at least, that’s what we speculate.

I’ve been playing with my primary for a few years. - Know all about the issues but something’s changed

I started my secondary account beginning of this year. I play both each day (primary on Android - Secondary on Steam) and no - this is different. Something’s changed. And it only is showing up on my secondary.